The Prosecutor’s Office summons Irací Hassler to testify and asks Comunes for the file in which Oliva points to irregular campaign contributions

Lifting of banking secrecy of several accounts, review of computers, campaign expenses and statements of witnesses and possible defendants.

That’s what the South Prosecutor’s Office to unravel how the former candidate’s campaign was financed Governor of the Metropolitan Region and Senator for Approve Dignity, Karina Oliva. The investigators investigate eventual irregularities in the rendering of expenses before the Servel, although, not only that would be in the focus of the persecutors.

This week will be key in the investigation, based on two proceedings already instructed by the prosecutor of High Complexity South, Milibor Bugueño. The first thing is to rebuild Oliva’s campaign, starting from the review of the bank accounts to -according to what was stated in the request of the Public Ministry before the court that authorized the review of his financial history- “to verify the destinations of the fiscal monies deposited, prove any possible damage and corroborate that the monies paid for the reimbursement of electoral expenses rendered in the candidacy for regional governor by the Metropolitan Region have been effectively destined in its entirety to make the payments that were individualized in the rendering of accounts presented before the Electoral Service.

The researchers are already working on that, and they will soon have their first face-to-face with a key figure in the pact of I approve Dignity and the Communist Party (PC), the mayor of Santiago, Irací Hassler. The communal chief leads a list of authorities who will have to testify as witnesses before the prosecutors, and thus deliver their version of the “feminist breakfast”, an instance, which, according to an article in Ciper, would have been paid as a campaign expense. for the sum of $50 million, an amount that was later objected to by the Servel inspectors.

The breakfast -of which there are images where great luxuries are not seen- ttook place in the center of Santiago, on June 13, 2021. In addition to Hassler, the mayor of Ñuñoa, Emilia Rios (RD), the deputies Karol Cariola (PC) and Marisela Santibáñez (PC) participated, and according to a photo that was uploaded to her Twitter that day, the now spokeswoman was also present of government, Camila Vallejo (PC). All attendees will be questioned before the Prosecutor’s Office.

Other people whose testimony is considered key is that of the president of the common party, Ka Quirzoz, who has recently been critical of her former partner in ranks. “She was expelled from the partyour Supreme Court found her guilty of breaches of probity and is currently undergoing an investigation in the prosecution. I want to emphasize that we as a transitional directive have made ourselves completely available to clarify the facts, since to this day the Comunes militancy does not even know what the amounts of the ballots were spent on”, the councilor for Maipú said yesterday.

Who already went to the facilities of the Public Ministry to deliver her version, was the mayor of Quilicura Paulina Bobadilla, also from the Broad Front.

But, there is a diligence that could open a new investigative thread in the case being processed by the South Prosecutor’s Office. Prosecutor Bugueño asked the Comunes Party to forward the file to the Supreme Court about the investigation in which Karina Oliva was expelled.

The decision made by the Public Ministry is relevant, because in the document released this Monday by La Tercera the former candidate for Governor of the RM gives clues and denounces that candidacies of that community were irregularly financed. That writing appears in the folder of the administrative inquiry made by Comunes against Oliva and other leaders, who were also marginalized from the community after Ciper’s report.

The former candidate for the Governorship of the RM and the Senate in her capacity as accused could maintain her right to remain silent before the Prosecutor’s Office. For this reason Bugueño will be able to access this testimony through the file. The latter contains the “reconsideration” act in which the political scientist throws a bomb at her former partyaccusing of acts that could violate the Electoral Law and -according to his own statements- involve the financing of the July 18 primary in which the mayor of Recoleta Daniel Jadue and the current President Gabriel Boric participated.

In the reconsideration brief, Oliva accuses that the deputy Camila Rojas presented before the Supreme Court a witness who omits “interestingly that she was the one who asked me to include, in my second-round submission to the regional government in her capacity as party secretaryinvoices that do not correspond to my campaign, but to that of a candidate for the primaries of July 18, 2021to which I categorically refused”.