The priest’s garden, the only place specialized in ‘brunch’ in the center of Pontevedra

Since the fashion of late breakfast landed in Galicia, young hoteliers have not stopped launching themselves to open new premises with the spirit of offering their clients this pArticulate intermediate point between a breakfast and a meal. The Huerto del Cura has been, for a few weeks, the the only place in Pontevedra that boasts to have a menu dedicated, almost exclusively, to this new model of food.

The term, which is nothing more than the fusion between breakfast (breakfast) and food (food), refers to something very simple: eat typical breakfast dishes at noon. This is how a new concept of hospitality was born, focused on small bites that combine sweet and salty, accompanied by fresh fruit and sweet treats that would tempt anyone.

The new establishment in the center of Pontevedra, which emerges as an expert in recipes for late breakfast and snacks, opened its doors at the end of last year to great expectation, because, although in the city of Lérez there are several places where you can enjoy a good breakfast, Until now, none had specialized in late breakfast.

“We saw that in other cities the system was working more and better. late breakfast and in Pontevedra there was no place like this“, says David Míguez, the owner of the premises. With the aim of joining the trend of breakfasts at noon, the young entrepreneur decided to open The Huerto del Cura last December.

“Initially We open only with a letter from late breakfast and we were expanding to snacksbut we saw that there was a crowd at noon and we decided that, since we had a kitchen, we could offer simple and popular dishes for the lunch shift”. Thus, they added pasta recipes, salads to their menu and, soon, they will also be animated with classic Galician tapas.

“Everything is homemade and is working very well, we will add other ‘basics‘ because at noon more and more people come”, explains David. The next few days, he says, they will begin to offer “croquettes, baby squid and other Galician tapasalso homemade and that everyone likes”.

weekend whim

The offer of El Huerto del Cura is simple and for all tastes, bringing to Pontevedra classic recipes of late breakfast that they have conquered in other cities. In the morning they usually offer bagels OR bowlsWhat are the most popular combos for the late breakfastin the afternoons we will introduce crepes and waffles for snacksbecause more and more people are coming.

The owner of the establishment explains that, although the months of January and February were “somewhat more complicated” and had fewer customers, “now we are seeing that there are more and more peopleespecially on weekday afternoons we notice that many come to try the snacks and it’s becoming a popular plan.

He recognizes that the strongest days are the weekends, “which is working very cool because people come to spend the morning“, and it is that the plan of the late breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays was already working very well in cities like Vigo. Now, Pontevedra joins this gourmand fashion and the small establishments that offer these whims for those who love a good breakfast begin to take off.