The pozole: An ancestral dish to enjoy in Jalisco

One of the emblematic and delicious dishes of Mexico is the pozole, because it is not only one of the most popular during family celebrations, its aromas and flavors reflect, like no other, the richness and diversity of Mexican cuisine.

This dish has its origin in pre-Hispanic times. The ancient Mesoamerican inhabitants prepared this broth based on cacahuazintle corn grains during the rituals dedicated to their warriors.

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On the western coasts it is customary to prepare pozole with shrimp.

In fact, The word pozole derives from the Nahuatl word pozolli, which means “foamy” and refers to the stage of the cooking process when the corn loses its husk and opens, which gives the appearance of foam.. After the arrival of the Europeans, Old World ingredients such as: pork, oregano and vegetables were added to the preparation of this dish.

Photo: Courtesy Jalisco is Mexico

Over the years, the original recipe continued to be modified to suit the tastes of the different regions of Mexico. Currently, three main variants of pozole are distinguished: green white and red. The main difference between them is the elements that are added to give each one its characteristic color.

The representative variant of the Western region, especially the state of Jalisco, is the red pozole. Although there is no single recipe for red pozole, the expert mentions that the main ingredients for its preparation are: corn, pork, guajillo chili and ancho chili, the latter are the ones that give that characteristic red color to the broth. In addition, It is usually accompanied with cabbage, radishes, onion, salt and lemon.

The red pozole is a variant originating in the state of Jalisco.

On the coast of Jalisco it is also customary to prepare another variant of pozole, which has the traditional ingredients, but the meat is replaced by shrimp.

It does not matter what your favorite style of pozole is, nor the elements with which you prefer to accompany it. In all its varieties, it is a nutritious and delicious dish, ideal to share with family and friends.

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