the pleasure of enjoying artisan pastries

As everybody knows, spring is a time of beginnings and, in the gastronomic field, the city of Ferrol wants to join this trend. And if not, ask Noa Fandiño Abella, a young entrepreneur who, at just twenty years old, has had the courage to open her own place: Teté Coffee & Breakfast. It is an establishment -located at Avenida de Esteiro 42- that has given a twist to the first meal of the day: breakfast.

In its extensive menu, you can enjoy the classic coffee, but also the latest trends. For example, if what your body asks of you is a healthy breakfastyou should not miss the opportunity to try the bowls of natural yogurt or the smoothies with natural fruits, seeds and nuts.

But if there is something that is already consolidating in Tea Coffee & Breakfastwhich raised its blind for the first time on May 14, is the artisan pastry. It doesn’t matter if it’s filled with fruit or chocolate. “People are loving, above all, our proposal for artisanal pastries. Customers love to see how the croissant that they are going to eat afterwards is being made on the premises. They don’t last us even half an hour at the counter”, explains Noa smiling.

And if something magical has Tea Coffee & Breakfast is that, in this pleasant cafeteria, everyone is welcome. Despite being only a few days old, the establishment is already working tirelessly to expand your range of gluten-free options which, for the time being, counts, as Fandiño Abella recounts, with a delicious “bonbon palm tree” and “toast”. “We want all people to have the same facilities to share a good breakfast,” highlights the businesswoman. Likewise, the owner of Tea Coffee & Breakfast He wanted to anticipate that “soon” they will have “vegan options“.

Besides, Tea Coffee & Breakfast can boast of being a local pet-friendly. “We believe that our furry friends have the same right to enjoy the good atmosphere of the cafeteria in the company of their owners, which is why they will always be well received here,” emphasizes Noa.