The pique between gla1ve and cadiaN could have gone from Twitter to breakfast

Following Heroic’s victory over Astralis in the ESL Pro League, gla1ve and cadiaN exchanged some tweet adding spice to an intense danish derby. This “discussion” did not remain only on the social network, since the Danish media of Dust2 has ensured that this “heated fight” also occurred at breakfast in Düsseldorf a day later. After the statements of both teams collected by Dust2, it can be deduced that it is a healthy clash between two great players who favor the show.

Heroic came from behind to Astralis in the second confrontation of the ESL Pro League Group D. The All-Star team won the first map, but after forgoing eight map points, Heroic tied the series and ended up taking the match. The last two maps were decided in a tight extra hours giving the maximum show to the fan of CS: GO. After the victory of Heroic, the traditional spicy of the Danish derby passed to Twitter.

“We lost a tight match against Heroic that we could have won. I’m glad it wasn’t a big game like the quarterfinals in Denmark in front of 10,000 Astralis fans.” he started publishing Lukas “gla1ve” RossanderAstralis IGL. His namesake in Heroic, Casper «cadiaN» MøllerHe didn’t shut up and asked him if he missed his fans and playing a BO3 having rested. Neither of them gave an arm to twist and they left several tweet for the enjoyment of fans on the international scene.

Tweets went to breakfast

However, the Danish medium records that both players continued this discussion at breakfast after the match. According to this portal, rRepresentatives of both teams confirm the exchange of words, but do not specify the statements. “This is what happens in competitive contexts and this adds a little extra flavor to the scenario,” Dust2 publishes in the words of a Heroic representative. “They are competitive people who are here to win. From Astralis they assure that “they growled a little at each other, but there is nothing more than that”. In addition, they add that the atmosphere between the teams is pleasant.

This pique has already been enjoyed in other tournaments LAN. Both teams want to be the highest representative of Denmark And with two players as hot as cadiaN and gla1ve, the discussions make for a more than interesting story for future events. Heroic has been eliminated in the first round of playoffs by TeamLiquid and Astralis will face FURIA this Friday in the quarterfinals.