The perfect keychains don’t exist… Mexican snacks for your keys go viral!

If we love something mexicans It’s the food and we also we pride of it in any part of the world and that is why although we do not know them, there are several mexican restaurants in various countries around the world, for those who reside abroad and who want to remember from time to time, the aztec land that saw them born, although when one goes to visit a place, they regularly give keychains or ornaments for the fridge, such as “recuerditos”. And perhaps we never give them the value, until we lack them.

The truth is that here in Mexico we may lack everything, except the food Oh, come on snacksthanks to the fact that there are still accessible raw materials to cook or to buy, because most of the time, we can have access to them, because they sell them on the street, either in laminating stalls or on tricycles that ride through the streets of the city, as is the case with bread, tamales and even corn on the cob.