The perfect ‘excuse’ for a friend to cancel a breakfast that has conquered Twitter

WhatsApp conversations have become cannon fodder for social networks. Whether by way of denunciation or humor, this type of content goes viral like wildfire thanks to platforms like Twitter or TikTok.

In today’s case we bring a brief talk of two friends who make excuses for not meeting, but you’ll see that one has more reasons than the other. The broadcaster of the story and one of the protagonists is the Twitter user @inesibamonwhich thanks to its publication has become one of the viral phenomena of the week.

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The vanguard

Making excuses when you don’t feel like meeting someone is an art. Both the elaboration of it, and the execution at the time of sounding credible. From the dog that ate homework when we were little, to invented birthdays of non-existent friends. The range of possibilities is infinite.

Inés went out to party the day before meeting her friend for breakfast. Upon waking up from her, according to her, after only two hours of sleep, she decided to send him a message via Whatsapp to cancel the appointment.

The conversation of these friends has gone viral on Twitter

The conversation of these friends has gone viral on Twitter

@inesibamon / Twitter

What was not expected is that her friend was going to reply with an even better ‘excuse’.

An impossible argument to refute

“Don’t kill me baby, but I’ve almost slept two hours if it comes,” Inés explained. Her meeting was not going to take place, but not because of her few hours of sleep, but because her friend had a much more compelling reason for not going to the appointment.

“Love, don’t worry. I’m in labor,” the pregnant woman replied, attaching an image already in the hospital. The conversation has not taken long to go viral with more than 100,000 ‘likes’ and a large number of ironic responses about the interaction between the two friends.

Among the most recurrent comments, those who praise the pregnant friend for having made the ‘excuse’ for 9 months stand out.

“A little selfish to go from meeting your friends just to have to give birth to the truth,” comments one of the users sarcastically. “Now they cancel for anything,” another tweeter replies.

A creature that has come into the world with a virus under his arm.

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