The PASSS present in the Municipal Spaces for Early Childhood

The PASSS present in the Municipal Spaces for Early Childhood

In the seven early childhood spaces, different breakfast and lunch options are offered under the guidelines of the Healthy, Safe and Sovereign Food Plan.

The seven Municipal Spaces for Early Childhood prioritize the comprehensive care of boys and girls up to 4 years of age, and carry out actions to install -in the family and community spheres- capacities that favor the promotion and protection of rights.

Access to healthy food is one of the rights on which we work daily in spaces, understanding it as that which provides all the essential nutrients and energy that boys and girls need to stay healthy, with healthy development. and optimal growth.

In the Municipal Spaces for Early Childhood, different breakfast and lunch options are offered for the morning shift and a snack and snack for the afternoon shift, for a total of 215 girls and boys.

The menus are created by nutritionists, with adaptation of macro and micronutrients for each age group, in addition they are designed taking into account the guidelines of the Healthy, Safe and Sovereign Food Plan (PASSS), where food is the result of a process of primary production, shortening the commercialization and consumption circuits; guaranteeing distributive justice through access and availability of necessary and sufficient food, free of agrochemicals and prioritizing local supply.

The Municipal Spaces for Early Childhood have seven spaces available in two shifts. In the morning: Piecitos Traviesos, Estrellita and Pipo Pescador, which are spaces for daughters and sons of municipal employees. Meanwhile, in the afternoon shift there are four: Hormiguita, Puppet, I’m Growing and Solcito. Teachers, assistants and a technical team made up of a psychopedagogue, psychomotricist and early stimulator and nutritionist work there. In addition, it works in coordination with the teams of the Primary Health Care Center.

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