The original recipe for tacos al pastor grows with branches

  • To preserve the original taco al pastor recipe as much as possible, El Tizoncito left the franchise model.
  • The capital taquería has 14 branches that are concentrated in Mexico City.
  • Despite the great competition throughout the country, this taqueria sticks to its recipe and evolves to please its customers.
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Like the creators of tacos al pastor, the work of Concepción Cervantes, El Tizoncito remains faithful to its recipe, which unites the inspiration of Arab gastronomy and Mexican cuisine. Its objective is to preserve the original recipe for making this appetizer with all its details in each of its branches.

And as part of its growth, El Tizoncito opted for the franchise model. However, for two years this taqueria has been in the process of acquiring its franchises and continuing its growth with branches.

“We are looking for a corporate expansion. We are leaving the issue of franchises aside for now. In 56 years we have taken care of the quality, flavor and protocol in the branches and we seek to maintain that,” said Omar González, director of marketing for El Tizoncito.

This is the first branch of El Tizoncito in Mexico City / Courtesy.

Regarding Taco Day, which is celebrated on March 31, González told Business Insider México that this company has already recovered the four franchises that operated with its license. With them, it currently has 13 branches that are concentrated in Mexico City and one in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

During the last two years, the directors of El Tizoncito went with the franchisees whose license terms had expired and acquired those taquerias. “We renegotiated with the staff to hire them as part of the company,” González said.

According to the registered sales volume of each branch, El Tizoncito makes a repurchase offer to operate the store. However, the company reserved the amount of each transaction as it is confidential data.

The history of El Tizoncito is based on its original recipe for tacos al pastor but continues to evolve

Although the taco al pastor is the star of its menu, El Tizoncito not only differs from the rest of the taquerias for being the creators of this type of taco. While other taquerias use gas to cook the meat, the original way includes charcoal.

Doña Concepción Cervantes created the grass tacos / Courtesy.

Other characteristics that make El Tizoncito’s way of making tacos special are:

  • The meat is assembled daily in the trompo.
  • It has its own food distribution center for all branches.
  • For the tacos al pastor they only use pork with a Federal Inspection Type (TIF) certificate.
  • To adapt the shawarma to Mexican gastronomy, Doña Conchita chose the pork meat and the marinade that characterizes this dish.
  • The first branch of El Tizoncito is located in the Condesa neighborhood and is still in operation.

As part of its evolution, the taqueria is not satisfied with meat as its main ingredient. Also, its menu has vegetarian and low-calorie options such as salads and nopal huarache.

The Tizoncito is not afraid of competition

In addition, El Tizoncito already has plans to continue operations with the dark kitchen model. “The Barranca del Muerto branch was opened during a pandemic and is designed as a hybrid system, to explore the dark kitchen theme. It is small because 80% (of its capacity) is to operate in this way,” González said.

And its plan responds to the preferences of consumers, because in just one year the preferences in food delivery orders went from 44% to 72%, according to the Online Sales Study 2022, prepared by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO).

Looking to the future, this taqueria is not afraid of competition and celebrates the fact that other businesses also include this emblematic appetizer of the country’s capital on their menu. According to Inegi data, at least 46,983 businesses in the country are identified as taquerias.

“It leaves us with the satisfaction of knowing that it is a dish that will continue for dessert. We believe that there is a market for everyone and we always listen to the consumer,” said González.

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