The new Mercadona cereals that even coaches recommend: for €1.80

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The breakfast although it is the most important meal of the day, It really is the most tiring because we always tend to have the same products for breakfast. Mercadona has a wide variety of different foods on its shelves: from toast and biscuits until pasta and all kinds of cookies. Its new novelty that will allow you to change and escape from the usual are some cereals with honey and peanuts They are ideal for people who do some type of training.

Honey and peanut cereals are one of the products TOP Of the brand Farmer. Its main ingredients are: corn flakes, honey, peanuts and sugar. They come in a container containing 400 grams and it only costs 1.80 euros. Their properties allow them to be a good option to mix with your bowl of milk and even to drink them without any accompaniment.

If you are a person who trains regularly, these cereals will come in handy to complete your diet. Instead, as noted in the publication, if you lead a life more sedentary it is better that you consume normal cornflakes. But, without a doubt, it is a very tasty option that can save more than one breakfast.

Social networks have been filled with positive comments about this new novelty such as “You’ve gone too far, now I need to prove it”“Uff I love those cereals, I was looking forward to seeing them in stores”, “You’re a crack… well said” or “My goodness, how must those cereals be”…

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