The new Mercadona biscuits that sell out in hours and cost one euro

The new Mercadona biscuits that sell out in hours and cost one euro

Mercadona has launched in recent days a sweet that is called to be one of the snacks of the year. It’s about the cupcakes monkeysfrom Brand Squire and that, with a chocolate filled doughIt already delights the sweet tooth.

Designed especially for children, the monkeys They do not distinguish between adults and children, although it will surely become one of the star products of the kings and queens of the house. Another of its main attractions is the price, since they cost just one euro –1.05 to be exact- each packet, which contains 5 units of 30 grams of sponge cake.

Although they should not be abused, they can be one of the healthiest on the market right now. The ingredients it contains are wheat flour, sugar, egg white, cocoacoloring and different preservatives to maintain its flavor and texture.

The latest Mercadona sweets

The Valencian supermarket chain has been differentiating itself from its competitors for a few months, especially in terms of sweets. In addition to the cupcakes monkeysthis same month the company owned by Juan Roig has put on sale some very famous pastas from Portugal and that are also sweeping our country. These are the lizard pastes and cinnamon pastes, both very successful in the neighboring country and which are ideal for breakfast and snacks.

With tradition and manufacture in Portuguese lands, these sweets are produced by Carlos Goncalves Confectionery (Incarnate). The former stand out for their lemon aroma, while the latter stand out for their cinnamon flavour. Both are sold in packs of 500 grams for a price of €1.45.

This has been followed by other products such as tahimi, a component that is used, among other things, to make some types of hummus and that it is ideal for toast. Here we explain it to you.