the new Mediterranean restaurant in Las Lomas, in CDMX

The corner of Mount Lebanon and Sierra Leone sees its best gastronomic moment: shops and places to eat of all kinds that accompany the daily life of the residents of Las Lomas. The most recently opened is called Ennea and it is a restaurant that pays tribute to Mediterranean cuisine.

Its name means ‘nine’ in Greek and it was chosen for being the ninth establishment undertaken by the Ikigai restaurant group. The decoration is sober; the place, small and cozy, so it is better to book a table to ensure a place.

Of everything… and a lot

What is convenient here is to ask the center to share, since many of the dishes have a Lebanese influence and coincide with their roots in abundance and variety. It’s worth sampling all six of the appetizer spreads: tzatziki, labneh, a spread of feta and chipotle cheese, baba ganoush, hummus and taramosalatawhich has fish and mullet roe.

You cannot miss the vegetable offer that fills the table with freshness. To complete the picture in the center, a tabbouleh, a Greek salad and, of pylon, another one of grilled watermelon with balsamic vinaigrette.

The shell and fish bar attracts attention, although it is not the best thing about the place: we come here for the roasts and the deep flavors of spices from the Middle East that sneak into the gastronomic proposal.

Souvlaki is the street dish found on every corner in Athens and consists of a kind of skewer that is put on the coals and wrapped in pita bread with various condiments. Ennéa serves it with lamb, whose notes complement the freshness of the salads and are crowned in Olympus with a few drops of tzatziki.

Without a doubt, one of the best dishes is the last to arrive at the table. An orzo – that short pasta that simulates grains of rice – cooked with baby squid and flavored with saffron is a tribute to pleasure. Each bite, a different happiness.

Ennea just opened its doors and we will have to wait to see how it evolves and achieves stability. With areas of opportunity in the cocktail bar and the arrangement of the spaces, it is a place that could well become the Mediterranean epicenter of the area.

Ennea Restaurant

Direction: Mount Lebanon #915 col. Hills of Chapultepec

Instagram: @ennea_rest

Average Check: 1000 pesos per person