The most tempting breakfasts at home to give away on Mother’s Day

Daily Coffee

Photo: Daily Coffee

Imagine a completely homemade breakfast, with juice squeezed that day, freshly ground avocado or country eggs scrambled

That’s what you find in Daily Coffeethe specialty coffee shop where the good coffee is not tranzaand has different alternatives of breakfasts at home.

In fact, there are breakfast options from Mother’s Day to share ($45,000), or just for her ($28,000). The latter comes with whole grain coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, fruit, bread basket with sourdough toast, croissants, chocolate bread, chocolate roll, butter, jam, caramelized turkey ham, cheese and avocado.

In addition to a dessert berry cheesecake.

to share, like traditional breakfast ($36,000), which includes two bean coffees of the style you choose, two freshly squeezed orange juice, plus two natural yogurts with granola and honey.

In addition to two portions of natural fruit, sourdough toast or baguette with butter, jam, scrambled country eggsavocado and two portions of pastry of your choice.

and there is vegan optionslike the box vegan brunch ($18,000), which comes with whole grain coffee or tea, freshly squeezed orange juice, acai with fruit and vegan granola, a portion of fruit, and vegan sourdough toast with the addition of your choice, which can be avocado or hummus with roasted tomatoes for example.

Orders from Monday to Sunday, from 7:30 AM to 5:45 PM, through their website.

Photo: Puffs

True, it is not a breakfast as such, but Hojaldes is a total temptation. More if what you want is a delicious option to share with the family. It is about the entrepreneurship of croissants, croissants and Argentine bills, which arrive directly to your home.

And that you have options like the box Happy Holidays ($12,590), which comes with 24 units of cocktail-sized butter puff pastry, that is, a delicious mix with three croissants with Nutella, three filled with dulce de leche, another three with pastry cream, plus two traditional croissants.

Also three sticks of butter and eight pieces of fruit or, if you prefer, pastry cream.

In addition, you can complement it with savory optionslike the box mini croissants Super Mix ($22,990), which comes with four fillings of smoked turkey ham and roasted tomatoes, another four of roasted bell peppers with cream cheese and ham.

Plus four of Serrano ham, cream cheese and olives; plus four with meatloafcaramelized onion and cheese.

Beware that they are sold out, so it is convenient to order it no later than Thursday through their website.

good morning maria

Photo: Good morning Maria

Buenos Días María is the designer’s breakfast delivery company Maria Jesus Vidaurre, southern and hotel family, who since 2016 distributes these artisan breakfasts and careful aesthetics.

Is about more than 10 alternativeswith delivery from Tuesday to Sunday, from 7.30 AM to 6.30 PM.

And what do you find in format individual or to share. One of the unbeatable is the free breakfast ($34,000), which comes with coffee beans in a bag, which you infuse for a few minutes and that’s it; choice of organic tea, fresh orange juice, and a mix of breads that includes wholemeal, pita, white, and croissant.

In addition to spread options such as egg pasta, avocado, jam and butter. plus ham, cheese, and quesillo with dehydrated tomatoes. Add to that a cinnamon roll, chocolate bread, and a macaron.

You can order it and see the other options on their website.

Puelo Coffee

Photo: Puelo Cafe

Puelo Café is a café with a cuisine style healthy and conscious, that is, with organic products, free-range meats and where they compost the waste. The same concept that they take to their breakfasts at home.

Whether it’s to give to someone special or simply give yourself a treat when you wake up, order some of their boxes, such as the southern brunch ($14,990), which includes Benedictine eggs, açai bowl, orange juice, and coffee or tea.

Or if you want you can assemble it to your liking, with the eggs benedict ($6,490), for example, which come on sourdough bread, with avocado, hollandaise sauce and serrano ham or salmon gravlax made on site, plus a croissant ham cheese ($3,490) Serrano ham and buttery cheese.

In addition to the sweet touch, which can be the cake of brownie delicacy ($3,990), gluten-free and with blancmange, or the blueberry pancakes ($3,990), very fluffy, with blueberries and organic agave syrup, plus seasonal fruits.

Orders are made from Monday to Sunday through its website.

do you know

Qbientablen five years of experience in the distribution of conscious breakfasts at homein which all products are handcrafted.

In fact, they are from small producers, mostly organic, nothing processed. Besides, avoid plastic and most of their wrappers are reusable.

And more than a breakfast, what they offer you is an experience like the special experience for mom ($48,000), which comes with a pumpkin bread sandwich. stuffed with turkey and artisanal cheese or a gluten-free banana bread, with artisanal orange marmalade. Plus an artisanal fruit juice, tea or coffee to infuse.

And add the mix of seasonal fruits, a post that can be a carrot cake or hojsldre for example, plus a photo frame with the photograph you want, cutlery and reusable elements.

And watch out, everything comes in one wooden boxwith a handmade stoneware mug, with personalized card and reusable bag.

It is requested through his Instagram


Photo: Valentina Miranda Vega

Mestiere is an artisan bakery in Vitacura, where you can also order your breakfast at home, and totally homemade.

In fact, one of the favorites is the breakfast Mestiere 3 ($38,000), which comes with a bread basket, with different types of bread, jam, butter and avocado. Plus two coffees or teas, two berry juices, a granola, a lemon pie salad or brownie, plus a three milk nutella cake; a ham and cheese croissant and two gift cups.

Another option is to choose the Mestiere sweet box ($17,000), which comes with a portion of chocotorta, which is a creamy delicacy and Oreo cookie, plus a brownie; a croissant filled with almond paste; a cinnamon roll; a lemon pie and a crostata that can be made with raspberry or nutella jam, for example.

Order through their website.

cinnamon honey

Photo: Cinnamon Honey

cinnamon honey It is a catering with home-delivered breakfasts that come in a box, with a careful presentation and the possibility of putting a personalized message on it if you want it as a gift.

Among its alternatives are the poppy breakfast box ($28,900 for one person and 39,900 for two), which includes a mini bagel with smoked salmon pasta, with cream cheese and arugula, plus another with buttery cheese, sautéed mushrooms and basil oil.

All that plus a orange and poppy muffinfresh fruit, a Carrot Cake, and mango or raspberry juice.

It is requested through its website, from Monday to Saturday, starting at 8 AM.

Be careful, the price of breakfast includes the delivery in the districts of Las Condes, Lo Barnechea, Vitacura, Providencia, Ñuñoa, La Reina and Peñalolén.

The Popular Pizza and Bread

Photo: Valentina Miranda Vega

Although they do not arrive in a box, you can send the wonders of La Popular Pizza and Pan as a gift, where they prepare the best breakfasts of life.

In their new premises on Calle Infante they deliver some pressed simply dreamedlike cheese mozzarella Y pastrami ($7,000), at that slightly sour sourdough bread that characterizes this placestuffed with mozzarella cheese, pastrami, mustard, red onion and basil

Also the ironing of vegan ($6,000), with aubergines, zucchini and roasted cauliflower, hummus, radishes and pickled red onion

If you prefer the croissants ($5,000), you can order a warm one with mozzarella and ham.

Better if you accompany him with his safety pin pastriesAs the croissants ($2,500), stuffed with dulce de leche and walnuts on top or the Chocolate bread ($1,500).

Orders are made through their website, from Monday to Saturday, from 10 AM to 8 PM and Sunday, from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Simply Coffee Roaster

Photo: Simply Coffee

Simply Coffee Roaster is a coffee club. That is, organic specialty coffee roasters, originating in America and Africa, where you subscribe for $16,990 per month and receive two 250-gram bags of origin coffee per month.

In addition, they bring rich breakfasts to your home, such as the simply integral ($26,990), which includes a double-walled stainless steel thermal mug with your choice of specialty coffee, espresso, Americano or cappuccino for example.

It also includes a natural orange juice; yogurt; a bag of homemade whole grain oat granola with pumpkin and marigold seeds, almonds, chia and flaxseed; a wholemeal sourdough bread sandwich with turkey ham and avocado; a whole-grain carrot cake or a sugar-free brownie. In addition to a surprise gift.

To choose also has a brunch for two ($56,990), which includes two mugs with the coffee of your choice; two natural juices; a bowl of seasonal fruits; natural yogurt; two bags of homemade granola; a sandwich on ciabatta bread with salmon and cream cheese and another on the same bread with serrano ham and French cheese.

And wholemeal sourdough bread toasts, with avocado, butter and jam to accompany; the sweet touch, which is a 70% cocoa brownie, a blueberry muffin, a whole-grain carrot cake, and an oatmeal cookie.

Beware, they are ordered through their website until 5 PM the day before delivery. You can define the time for it to arrive, between 8 AM and 12 PM.

Gourmet Camellia

Photo: Camellia

Are you in Reñaca, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Villa Alemana or Concón? Gourmet Camellia It’s your choice.

It is about entrepreneurship Camille Bacheletone that departed for Mother’s Day 2020 and has become known by word of mouth.

In fact, it asks 48 hours in advanceThey cost an average of $30,000 and arrive in special boxes without plastic, glass containers are used, for example. There are also options without sugar, gluten or vegans.

One of the most requested is the camellia breakfast ($28,000), which comes with seasonal fruit, orange juice, skim milk, a ceramic bowl of your choice with everything you need to make coffee, a cinnamon roll, a crescent, a blueberry muffin, granola and natural yogurt.

In addition to a croissants which can be ham, cheese, poultry, avocado or fresh cheese, tomato and arugula.

It is requested through Instagram.