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Every self-respecting Mexican has tried at least one variety of taco in his life. Options? there are many, because the tortilla is the perfect wrapper for almost any food. This classic delicacy of Mexican food is already known throughout the world because its versatility has led it to synergize with elements from other cultures.

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The world has been enthralled by this dish and therefore has managed to venture into the gourmet kitchens of the planet; Today, because it is taco day, we offer you a list of the most expensive representatives that you can find in the world.

the accessible

In the restaurant The Palm from Mexico City we found a plate of tacos prime rib. Meat served copiously on three thick and wide tortillas, cooking is just right to preserve the juiciness of the cut. These tacos inaugurate our list with a price of $900 pesos.

The proposal in Asia

In the restaurant Pipioko Inside the hotel Ace in KyotoJapan, we can find the creation of the chef W. Avila; Taquitos of lamb, pork belly, octopus or chorizo ​​delight our eyes with handmade tortillas and colorful decorations, there is also the vegan option of cauliflower or sweet potato. This native cuisine option from Alta California earns its place on this list with a price of around $500 pesos each taco.

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The Kobe in CDMX

The restaurant the good bar It is located inside one of the most prestigious hotels in the Mexican capital, this haute cuisine place offers us a certified New York kobe taco from the country of the rising sun. The discreet delicacy is prepared in front of your table and decorated with avocado, habanero chicharrón and is accompanied by a wide variety of sauces. All this experience is priced at $748 pesos each taco.

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in the american union

In Michigan, United States, we find the restaurant M Canteena project born from the hands of New Yorker Junior Merino. Within his menu, the delicious tacos from black wagyu filet mignon accompanied by escamoles, chipotle sauce, fried onion and green leaves to decorate. This choice of dish has a cost of $1,500 pesos.

expensive among expensive

The chef Juan Lacerio Alcalasenior chef of Grand Velas Los CabosIt gives us a very special taco; It is not only the fact of using Kobe beef of the highest quality, but also the harmony of surprising ingredients such as lobster, brie cheese with white and black truffles, beluga caviar and of course 24 karat gold sheets. Yes, that’s right, a cue that has gold! This combination is as delicious as it is extravagant and therefore its value is around half a million Mexican pesos. An experience that undoubtedly many of us would like to consummate. Its cost is 25 thousand dollars.

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very exotic

Although we close the list with a similar golden taco, the curious fact cannot be missing; In the south of our country we can find an eccentric delicacy, we are talking about the iguana, animals carefully raised to maintain a minimum of fat in their lean meat, since half a kilo of their well-cared-for tissue is worth about $800 pesos. This dish is seasoned with bay leaves, oregano, thyme, onion, achiote, nopales and tomato. It is said that US citizens come to consume this exotic dish as part of their tourist experience in Mexican lands. Would you dare to try an order of iguana tacos?

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