the Mexican with a soul from Madrid or vice versa

At last we were able to try Regañadientes, a Mexican-castizo with character in the Salesas neighborhood that we had been told well about for a long time. It has been open for just over three years, yes, with a pandemic in between.

And yes, I have to admit that it was worth going to visit this traditional Mexican canteen located in the Salesas neighborhood of Madrid. A cozy atmosphere, mid-priced dishes and tasty Mexican recipes with a playful, traditional and sometimes traveler touch that are very pleasantly surprising. Some clues? His Madrid taco with battered squid, txipis and black garlic alioli or the Lebanese with lamb, red onion, mint and tartar sauce, are examples of wonderful politically incorrect dishes for purists.

Reluctantly: the Mexican with a Madrid soul or vice versa

Attention, Regañadientes is not the typical taco place, in its menu we find dishes that go much further with proposals that include stews, soups, vegetables, meat and fish.

Reluctantly: the Mexican with a Madrid soul or vice versa

Top image: Red Tuna Toast with Crab Dressing

Mexican gastronomy sweeps

The phenomenon of Mexican food seems unstoppable in Madrid and in half the world. Does it have something to do with the fact that in 2016 its gastronomy was declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO? In just 7 years, the capital of Spain has gone from having just over 20 Mexican restaurants, to now having more than 100, and this is not to mention those restaurants where it is usual to include tacos or quesadillas on their menus.

In this abundant offer of Mexican restaurants that the capital offers, Regañadientes stands out for breaking with the orthodox and also for offering a culinary offer that uses high-quality raw materials for a balanced price.

Reluctantly: the Mexican with a Madrid soul or vice versa

Fresh local products

The fresh products used in the kitchen of Regañadientes (except the corn) come from a nearby orchard in the province of Toledo. Collected at their best moment, and harvested as in Mexico, the cultivation field provides Regañadientes’s pantry for different elaborations. As for corn, after sowing and subsequent harvesting in the same orchard, this input will be incorporated into the canteen pantry. Garlic and cilantro, essential in Mexican cuisine, also have the same origin.

Reluctantly: the Mexican with a Madrid soul or vice versa

Image above: Iberian lizard with smoked meat, arugula and red onion.

Yann Padrón at the controls of the Regañadientes restaurant

At the controls of the Regañadientes restaurant is Yann Padrón, a native of Madrid with a Mexican heart who has extensive experience in the world of restaurants and hotels. He worked for 10 years in Mexico City at Four Seasons and Cipriani, until he decided to return to Spain and set up Regañadientes in 2019 together with other partners.

“When Regañadientes was born almost 3 years ago now, the first menu was devised by Abel Martellotti and since then, over time, we have been researching and generating dishes that combine the tradition of traditional Mexican recipes with the local taste and palate of Madrid. . Both some of the partners and the members of the kitchen team are refining and creating dishes to offer what we believe to be an honest Mexican gastronomic proposal using local ingredients. But always using the bases of the traditional Mexican cuisine”, Yann Padrón tells us

Reluctantly: the Mexican with a Madrid soul or vice versa

Top image: Lebanese Taco with lamb, red onion, mint and tartar sauce

A short and creative letter

Your letter is divided into: To the center Dishes to Sharewhere you can find classics (although always with the touch of the house) such as Guacamole with Totopos (€12) or Huitlacoche Quesadilla and breaded Pumpkin flower (€14) or other dishes with more personality and highly recommended such as Croquettes of huitlacoche (4 pieces/9€) or the Red Tuna Tostadas with Crab Dressing (18€).

In your section Our Specialty Delicious Tacos we find 12 varieties, where in addition to the world-famous classics, there are others such as the Iberian Lizard (2 units/€14) that has smoked meat, arugula (known in Mexico as arugula) and red onion. Another one that is out of the ordinary is the Beijing-Mex taco (2 units/€12) that has duck, plum sauce, pasilla chili, cucumber and spring onion. Nor forget the Castizo and Lebanese that I mentioned above.

in your section Main disheswe find dishes such as Hake a la Veracuzana (€25) which is baked with vegetables or Chile Ranchero (€18) with ground beef and poached egg. Their dessert menu includes Corn Cake (€8) or the 3 Milk cake.

Reluctantly: the Mexican with a Madrid soul or vice versaTop image: Benjamin ‘Benjo’ Bikoksedi preparing one of his specialties

The cocktails, another of its strong points

It would have been very sad not to try some of their cocktails. Interesting and completes the menu of his 21 cocktails that the barman Benjamín ‘Benjo’ Bikoksedi executes in an extraordinary way. We find curious creations such as Nopalmes, which is a mixture of nopal, agave nectar, lime, melon liqueur and alcoholic base of mezcal. You can also find the classic Margarita or the Margaritas that explore beyond tradition: those with flavors to choose between tamarind, guava, strawberry or passion fruit.

If you prefer non-alcoholic cocktails, there are 5 to choose from, one of them is called Clamato which is perfect for an aperitif and includes tomato juice, oyster juice, lime, house sauce and frosted with salt.


Restaurant Reluctantly
C/ Admiral, 24, Madrid
Telephone: +34 918 19 02 28
Average ticket: €35 (drinks apart)

Opening days and hours: Tuesday to Thursday, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 8:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, from 1:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.; Sundays, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.