The Mexican cuisine of “Encuentro” arrives via Malcanton

There is an inescapable connection between Trieste and Mexico, formed by Maximilian of the Habsburgs, who accepted the imperial crown in 1863, four years later, on June 19, 1867, shot by Republican opponents in Santiago de Guerrero. Bitterness derived from the history books, today allows for new flavors, often spicy and spicy.

In place of the old Antica Cafeteria del Borgo, “Enquentro” was born, a new bar-restaurant dedicated to Mexican cuisine and Tex-Mex specialties. As its name suggests, the new location across Malkandan should be a meeting place. Its motto “Mi Gaza S to Gaza” is not accidental, but rather exemplifies the desire to share precisely and the joy of being together. “The first business was born in the province of Padua in 2017. In May of last year I had the opportunity to expand in the beloved town of Trieste. I visited it when I was a child with my mom. I still remember it. The beauty of Piazza Unita and Ponteroso”, manager Giovanni Pace told us at the age of 32. At the age he manages two businesses and is ready to start two: one at the North Terminal in Udin and the other at Gron Shopping in Antigone in the province of Bergamo.

Aztec Art and Hats

Encuventro is the perfect place to enjoy the gastronomy and gastronomy of the Mexican culture. In fact, you will feel almost as if you were in a psychedelic dimension, as details such as the explosion of colors in the murals that recall the Aztec art of a Calabrian artist or the hat hanging from the ceiling go unnoticed. The “meeting” of antiquity and modernity is actually a mix that not only reinterprets Mexican cuisine in the kitchen, but also characterizes the environment.


Occupying the top floor, the restaurant offers an extensive menu for all tastes: You made nachos, burritos, tacos, Hawaiian bowls and American burgers, all fresh products. The wide selection is well worth trying. Desserts from the United States like the much-loved Red Velvet and Delicious Bread. On the other hand, the ground floor is dedicated to drinks and snacks: you can enjoy tequila-based cocktails, sangria or kraft beers.

“Invest or Fail”

Soon the restaurant will also open for breakfast. The stumbling block at this point, as Pace said, was the staff: “It’s hard to find qualified people. No training, but the boys’ prognosis was not the same as before. Now they only think about how much they can earn. I started at 14. It stole my eye and I was busy with the desire to learn. It’s rare to see this attitude today.” After Kovit, the shadow of the war in Ukraine and the economic scars it caused in Europe reached bars and restaurants: “We are stuck in debt with forced closures. Deniers lie. The only way to recover lost capital is to invest to maximize profits, it is always necessary to come up with new plans now more than ever, otherwise you will fail.”