The mayor of Bolaños inaugurates the II Breakfast-networking with entrepreneurs and businesswomen

The mayor of Bolaños de Calatrava (Ciudad Real), Miguel Ángel Valverde, inaugurated this Wednesday the II Breakfast-networking with women entrepreneurs and businesswomen from Campo de Calatravawhich has had the collaboration of the local Women’s Center. The day has served to exchange experiences and reflections on being a female entrepreneur and businesswoman in rural areas.

During the institutional presentation, in addition to the mayor from Bolañego, the Councilor for Women, Angelines de Toro; the director of the Business Development area of ​​the Chamber of Commerce, Mayte Carmona; the Business Dynamization technician of the Chamber of Commerce, Elena Moraleda; and the manager of AD Campo de Calatrava, Carlos Corella, among others.

These sessions, framed within the commemorative acts of 8-Mare developed within the framework of the Dynamiza Calatrava project, hand in hand with the Ciudad Real Provincial Council, which promotes the business fabric of depopulated areas in the province.

In this line have gone the words of the alderman, who has been “surprised” by the important acceptance that the activity has had and has claimed “initiatives by the administrations that really favor the subjection of the population in the rural world with more favorable tax policies.


After the inauguration, the ‘Feel-Good’ talk-workshop was given by the secretary of the WOMEN CLM Association, Francisca Moya, to share experiences and knowledge and promote female entrepreneurship and promote the vocation. Next, the mindfulness workshop for entrepreneurs

“The greatest advance is to stop”, by Ana María Sánchez, has closed the cycle of activities with the teaching exercises whose regular practice contributes to the well-being of women who practice it.