The leaders of the Ibex are erased from a new breakfast with Sánchez on Monday

The leaders of the Ibex 35 have not guaranteed their presence at a new public event this Monday in Madrid in which they will talk about the economy and it is expected that they will be accompanied by a large number of ministers. The president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galanhe will be in Qatar on Monday and will not attend the event. will go instead Armando MartinezCEO of Business. Nor will the president of Naturgy attend, Francisco Reynes, no Ana Botinpresident of Santander, nor Jose Antonio AlvarezCEO of the bank. Nor Carlos Torres, president of BBVA. Nor is the presence of Jose Maria Alvarez-Palleteof Telefónica, nor that of Antoni Brufau or Josu Jon Imazfrom Repsol.

yes it will be Joseph Bogasdirector of Endesa, which is a sponsor of the event, organized by the Europa Press agency, together with Red Eléctrica de España and Enagás, the two energy companies with public participation in their capital. At the event, it is expected that President Sánchez will give a half-hour economic speech, without questions, and that there will be a colloquium afterwards.

The event is important for Moncloa since it takes place one day before the key day, March 29, when the Council of Ministers is expected to approve the package of economic measures that will form part of the National Response Plan to the war in Ukraine.

The Ibex does not come

The problem is that Sánchez’s decision to attend this event took place a few days ago and the agendas of the Ibex presidents are not easy to square. It is also true that this is one of the usual arguments when you do not want to attend a specific act.

Because the Ibex has already turned its back on the president on more than one occasion. The last time was in January, in the Spanish Investor Day. The greats of the Ibex also did not attend that act attended by international investors and where Sánchez starred in an act. Neither Pallete, nor Botín, nor Torres, nobody except Bogas, from Endesa, who was also a sponsor of the event.