The last “breakfast” of Javi Gómez Noya in Sierra Nevada

‘Captain’ has returned to the heights. The Galician settled there for the first time in November of last year and returned in January with reinforcements, accompanied by David Castro. In February, he exchanged the cold of Granada for the good weather of Mallorca, where we were able to see part of the triarmada together again.

Now, the Orbea team has returned and installed itself in the Sierra Nevada CAR along with to the Spanish triathlon champion and a new co-worker: Jan van Berkel. The Swiss, a member of the Endure IQ SQUAD led by give plewsHe has joined what will be the last concentration of Gómez Noya on his way to the IRONMAN World Championship, which will be held on May 7 in St. George (Utah).

Photo: Javier Gómez Noya / Instagram

It seems that things are getting serious in the final stretch of the first big event of the year. The three-time winner of IRONMAN Switzerland has summarized on his Instagram account the first two days at 2,300 meters altitude together with Noya and Castro in a very direct way: “You don’t come on vacation here”van Berkel wrote in a post published today.

And it seems that the Swiss Side triathlete, his hosts have not given him much respite on his arrival in Sierra Nevada. At least that’s what it seems according to Jan’s publication, where we can see him running behind Javi next to a sign that warns of the altitude, “2,000 meters”, and of the strava activity who has picked up this morning workout.

Gómez Noya’s “breakfast”: 32 kilometers and almost 1,000 meters of positive elevation gain on foot

It’s not the dish you expect to start your day with, but the life of an elite triathlete is off the charts. Gómez Noya and van Berkel’s menu gets interesting, as shown by the “breakfast” that the Spanish and the Swiss faced this very morning.

This is how Jan has called on Strava the training on foot that has led him to travel 32 kilometers with almost 1,000 meters of positive elevation gain at an average pace of 4:39 min/km. A session reminiscent of the one carried out by Gustav Iden just a few weeks ago. In fact, both Santini ambassadors have shared part of the journey.

Javier Gomez Noya
Photo: Impressive

Iden went down to the outskirts of Granada to complete 27 kilometers in constant ascent to the CAR. The Norwegian started from approximately kilometer 8 of the road that ascends to Sierra Nevada, at about 750 meters above sea level.

For its part, Javi’s training group It has started with about 19 kilometers traveled in what is known as “Barranco de las víboras”, where they have twice completed a round trip circuit of about 9.8 kilometers before facing the 12 last kilometers of the ascent to the CAR.

David Castro, new signing of Lapierrehas accompanied them in first part of trainingwhere did it come from 297 meters of positive elevation gain and an average of 4:22 min/km in 1h24′. Later, van Berkel and Gómez Noya have ascended, already alone, from about 1,600 meters high, along the same road as Iden weeks ago to complete a 3 hour session that has taken them to 2,300 meters of altitude.