The kitchen of Xrysw Ruelas is the inheritance of mother and great-grandmother

For Xrysw Ruelas, restaurant chef Xocolthere is no greater professional satisfaction than for its guests to take a trip back in time through its gastronomy, a trip that takes them to the kitchen of the grandmother, of the mother, because they know that there is nothing better for the sense of smell and for the palate that bring back those aromas and flavors that come from the heart of the home.

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In Xocol something opposite happens than in the rest of the restaurants, instead of the parents taking their children to eat, the young people take their parents, their grandparents to get to know this kitchen, who in the end, give the go-ahead to the dishes of Xrysw Wheels Y Oscar Secondthey approve and are surprised by the traditional cuisine that is prepared in this place located in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of GuadalajaraSanta Teresa.

“We are very happy that they leave with a good taste in their mouths and they tell us that our flavors brought to mind the memory of their grandmothers or their mothers, and that everything is very good, that is very gratifying, because apart from It is not only bringing the dishes to the table and that they eat deliciously, but also that they feel those flavors of memory, those family flavors”, indicates Xrysw.

In particular, the chef points out, she is very aware of some family dishes, whose aromas and flavors will be unforgettable and she is very happy every time her senses perceive them because they take her back to her childhood, to her childhood, when she dreamed of being a doctor, because gastronomy was not in their plans.

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“My mother was never one of those mothers who prepare traditional cuisine and know all the recipes, because she is a single mother, she had to work and for that reason she managed to make fast food for me and my brother; My mom is very practical, but there are two dishes that I will always remember her with, the apology and the pozole”, he points out.

Xrysw with his mother Verónica Selene Díaz.

Birria and pozole are two typical dishes of Jalisco cuisine, so they cannot be missing in Jalisco homes, but for Xrysw, his mother’s recipes have their own thing, they have that special touch and stand out for many things, especially all for that sauce of the thousand years, whose name says it all.

“Whenever my mom makes birria it ends, but the sauce remains, the sauce of a thousand years, that’s what we call it because it lasts a long time; almost every family in Jalisco has that sauce in their refrigerator, and we put it on everything. The sauce is originally from the town of Yahualica; my mother prepares it with yahualica chili, ginger, cloves, and since she puts a little vinegar on it, that helps its preservation, it is pure chili, red chili, powerful”.

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The recipe The original version of the birria is with goat meat. However, in some places they prepare it with beef that is softer, both in flavor and texture, so Doña Veronica Selene DiazXrysw’s mother, opts for beef, especially that part called plantain, chambarete or zancarro, and marrow, which gives the dish a very special flavor.

For Xrysw, another aroma that comes from her mother’s kitchen is that of the Jalisco pozole, which flooded her kitchen every Sunday and came from the marinade that her mother prepared with chili guajón and chili puya, as well as the nixtamalized corn that I bought with the ladies at the entrances of the market.

“I will always carry those aromas with me, as well as those from my great-grandmother’s kitchen, because as my mother grew up with my great-grandmother (Esther Barajas), I also lived with her for a while and I remember that she always had her little clay pot in the kitchen. with jocoque and a cloth, there fermenting all the time”.

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If there is something that Xrysw can eat every day, it is beans, and it is thanks to his great-grandmother, who had beans every day in a clay pot and served them accompanied by fresh cheese and a tortilla fresh from the comal. She savors herself and says “how can I forget about her kitchen”.

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