the island known as ‘The Mexican Venice’ of beautiful traditional colors (it is also a Magical Town!)

Mexcaltitán is one of the Magical Towns belonging to the state of Nayarit, a beautiful island known as ‘The Mexican Venice’. We tell you why!

There are destinations that – thanks to their beauty and cultural richness – have gained renown and recognition around the world, to such an extent that, when another site of similar attraction is discovered, it is nicknamed with a similar name. something like that happened with Mexcaltitan, a wonderful island in Nayarit nicknamed ‘The Mexican Venice’. You have to meet her!

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Mexcaltitan It’s one of the Magic towns belonging to the state of Nayarit, a wonderful town located on the island of the same name, known as ‘The Mexican Venice’ thanks to its wonderful tourist attraction. Its name comes from the Nahuatl ‘mexcalli‘ Y ‘Titlan‘, which translates as ‘mezcal’ and ‘abundance’, respectively.

Photo: Kuxtal Travel

One of the main reasons why it is called ‘The Mexican Venice‘, in addition to being a small island with a traditional charm, it is due to the fact that in the rainy season its streets are temporarily flooded, causing many of its inhabitants to cross it in pangas. In addition, it has an almost round configuration that provides a wonderful panorama from above.

Photo: Kuxtal Travel

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To get to Mexcaltitan You must take a boat tour from the Batanga Pier, this lasts approximately 15 minutes and allows you to appreciate the beauty of its lagoon – you can also hire a guided tour -. Once you get to Magic Town You will be greeted by a picturesque and traditional atmosphere, with beautiful colored houses that adorn its streets, regional gastronomy of privilege to seafood, and cultural venues where you can learn a little more about the history of Mexico – visit the Museum of Origin and the house of culture Luis Castillo Ledón -.

Photo: Kuxtal Travel

Mexcaltitan It also has a surprising pre-Hispanic history. Many legends affirm it as Aztlan, cradle of the Aztec civilization where it is said a priest saw for the first time an eagle devouring a snake on a nopal, which would be an indication of traveling south to build the great Tenochtitlán. Definitely worth knowing Magic Town to enjoy an experience of local appeal and typical charm.

Photo: Government of Mexico