The hotel to rest and eat well in Mallorca

Mallorca is undoubtedly one of the best holiday destinations in Spain. The island is increasingly exploited and the number of visitors continues to increase. But there is a small corner to the south that allows us to get away from the hustle and bustle of peoplerelax and enjoy good cuisine.

We talk about the Colony of Sant Jordiand more specifically of Honucaia small and quiet recently renovated hotel that can become an oasis of rest and good food for our vacations.

The proposal of Honucai in Mallorca revolves around three main pillars: quiet and comfortable accommodation facing the sea, a gastronomic offer of the highest quality and the fun of its cocktails. rooftop.

The hotel is located about 50 minutes by car from Palma, on the seafront, facing the port and a pleasant beach that fills up with people during the weekend. Just a 15 minute walk away it starts to become a true paradise. White sands, turquoise water and much less people who come to this area. The more we advance, the fewer people and the greater the tranquility.

The bedrooms They are comfortable and spacious, some even have a wonderful terrace with sea views through which a breeze enters every morning and night that cools off the heat of the day. In addition, it has a spa for private use, so under reservation we can enjoy them alone. It also has a rooftop swimming pool for the exclusive use of hotel guests.

Good cuisine in Majorca

Honucai’s Excellent Breakfast

The gastronomic proposal of Honucai it’s excellent. It all begins with the fabulous breakfast, where selection and quality prevail over quantity, even offering local and artisan products such as sobrasada or ensaimada that they buy in the pastry shop in the same town.

The main dish is found in the restaurant Salicornia, located on the ground floor of the hotel, which has a huge lounge and tables on the terrace overlooking the sea. The Chef Pablo Tomas offers us here a local and Mediterranean proposal based mainly on the product of the sea and the embers. A fabulous selection of fish and preparations based on traditional recipes from Mallorca.

One of the best sea bass I have ever eaten.  In Salicornia, from Honucai.

One of the best sea bass I have ever eaten. In Salicornia, from Honucai.

It is absolutely essential to go to Salicornia to try their grilled fish, without a doubt one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

The quality of the preparation is absolutely masterful, achieving crispy skins and perfect cooking points, juicy and full of flavor thanks to the great product they handle.

The Honucai cocktails at The TOP are one of the best plans in Mallorca

The Honucai cocktails at The TOP are one of the best plans in Mallorca

The dessert of the gastronomic proposal of Honucai we found it in The TOPits fabulous rooftop that offers a double proposal of signature cocktails and simple cuisine based on the robata (Japanese grill).

The cocktails are delicious and of a very high level, and the robata It allows us to enjoy a light dinner full of flavors in this fantastic open-air space where Saturday nights are enlivened with live music.

The TOP's stolen proposal in Honucai

The TOP’s stolen proposal in Honucai

Definitely, Honucai It is a destination in itself, a hotel with a complete gastronomic offer, next to the sea and in a very quiet area. Although the months of July and August are good, our recommendation is to visit Honucai out of season, preferably in May or September, when we can experience the best moment of peace and the friendliest temperatures in Mallorca.