The hidden gem of the Historic Center for Mexican food

Can you imagine walking through the bustling Historical Center and suddenly find a space alienated from everything to be able to eat delicious Michoacán-inspired Mexican food? This is testament.

đź“Ť Dolores 16, Historic Center of the City. from Mexico, Central

This restaurant specializing in original Mexican cuisine opened its doors in 2015 and since then has offered traditional dishes that undoubtedly satisfy the most demanding palates.

Testal maintains the Mexican tradition at 360Âşand this ranges from its dishes, to the decoration of the place, the artisan dishes made and hand-painted from Tlalpujahua, and of course, the name.


The word comes from the Nahuatl tixtlalĂ­ OR textolaliwhich means dough to put, or what is the same, the corn balls that give rise to the delicious Mexican tortilla.

Testal’s magic? Here the importance that Mexicans have of gathering around the table and using mealtime to share and enjoy the flavors that have been present from generation to generation is maintained.

Grandma’s handmade tortillas? Any dish from mom? Surely more than one memory will come to you through the taste of the delicious dishes.

“We want to make TESTAL a meeting point for Mexican families; That is why our solid work team strives every day to bring to the table of each of our guests the best of the flavors of typical Mexican cuisine with that unique touch that distinguishes us”, he says. Roberto Tinoco general manager of Testal.

Farid Rueda in Testal

Testal Farid Rueda
Photo by Secret Media

Do you know the famous Mexican muralist born in Morelos who has left a mark through his art in different parts of the world?

Farid Rueda is characterized by having colorful works that capture striking animals. In Testal there are two murals belonging to this artist: A skull and a deer.

In addition, in the two rooms that make up the restaurant, there are more pieces of art of Mexican origin, mainly from the state of Michoacán. The best? Some works of art are for sale.

What dishes can you find here?

testal cymbals
Photo by Secret Media

In Testal you will find a special flavor in each of its dishes, each one with a different flavor and ingredients that takes you back to different towns in Michoacán, such as Santa Clara del Cobre, Opopeo or Pátzcuaro.

Have you ever eaten one before? toast cake? This one is stuffed with finely chopped beef with a touch of beer and manzano chili.

Or maybe you have tried the typical snack dish called chiliatolea delicious corn atole with epazote and a touch of anise.

The one that made us fall in love? The chamorro to the pibil of soft meat, accompanied by tortillas with epazote leaves that will make your mouth water and a touch of lemon.

Chamorro to pibil from Testal

For dessert you can enjoy a fresh guava panna cotta or a male banana mouse dipped in chocolate.

Their menu is extensive and we are sure that you will enjoy taking your family to share a meal that is sure to make memories.