The health sector discusses its digital transformation and its challenges

The digital transformation process is intimately linked to people, it begins and ends with them; “We have to be more technological, to be more human.” This was defended this morning by the corporate director of Transformation and System of Quirónsalud, Adolfo Fernández Valmayor in a breakfast-colloquium organized by APD Canarias; who was introduced by the managing director of the Hospital Quirónsalud Tenerife, Clara Méndez.

Directors of the main hospital companies and personalities from the business world of the Islands met this Thursday at an event in which Fernández Valmayor, in addition to underlining the importance of the private and public sectors going hand in hand throughout this process, explained that Quirónsalud is working on three major strategic axes: digital transformation, patient experience and people.

However, he believed that it is a mistake to speak of digital transformation, since “the correct thing is to speak of a complete transformation of companies in an era that is digital.” In his opinion, people are a key factor in this entire process; because “changes come to companies from the outside in and we have the obligation to adapt to new needs” to be better and more efficient. “We have to be more technological in order to be more human”, stated the speaker and then made it clear that all the projects carried out at Quirónsalud have to be, first, good for the patient, then good for the professionals, and, lastly, good for organization. At this point, he highlighted the company’s three major projects, the MiQuirónsalud Patient portal, which already has more than 4 million users, the e-Quirónsalud e-commerce platform, and the development of the Quirónsalud Digital hospital.