The first business meeting in the “Ciudad Real Emprende” cycle was held with the informative breakfast “Robotics and Technology Sector” – Ciudad Real News

The Municipal Institute for Economic Promotion, Training and Employment (IMPEFE) of the City Council of Ciudad Real has started the cycle “Ciudad Real Emprende” with the first breakfast “Robotics and technology sector” which was attended by thirty businessmen and students from the sector .

Pedro Maroto, president of IMPEFE, valued this series of entrepreneurial breakfasts that featured two international speakers: Oracle’s vice president of Business Development for Latin America, Francisco Abedrabo, and Frank Escandell, general coordinator of International Alliances at the Odisea Intelligence Observatory Artificial and technology consultant in Spain and the United States. Both have been excited to see how in Ciudad Real both companies and students are a high percentage in terms of robotics and new technological trends.

For his part, Maroto, has valued the strategy of the government team when working to position Ciudad Real as a benchmark within new technologies, as well as a city of congresses, for which he has assured that “work will continue in this sense next June 7 with another breakfast of the biotechnology sector where Irene Tato, IDCC director of the One Health area, will contribute, together with relevant speakers, the technical vision of the sector”. Lastly, the president of IMPEFE announced that the closure of this commitment to convert Ciudad Real into a city of congresses is scheduled for November “with a very ambitious congress on Sustainable Architecture, where we will talk with José Manuel Escobedo, renowned architect in high-rise building from the national architecture studio JAS Arquitectura, and international speakers from the Norman Foster office in London or the Rainer Mahlámákki office in Helsinki, with a vision of sustainable and passive alternatives in buildings, as well as strategies that local administrations can contribute to the immediate improvement of sustainability”.

During the first meeting of the cycle, held at the NH Hotel in the capital, in which speakers and attendees used a very active networking formula, Abedrabbo pointed out that this type of event helps to put on the table a reality “the lack of technical profiles that exist in Spain” insisting that “the deficit of mid-level and higher vocational training technicians in markets around the world throws up some revealing figures that will undoubtedly push for a change in trend”.

Maroto has urged those interested to visit the IMPEFE website or social networks where you will find all the information to be able to attend the following business meetings