the father blurts out and reveals everything

The salad for Meghan Markle is a food that must never be missing in the daily diet. Attentive to nutrition and very healthy, however, the Duchess made an unforgivable “gaffe” (her second father).

Thomas Markle hasn’t had any kind of relationship with his daughter Meghan for some time. The two allegedly broke up completely at the time of the Royal Wedding, when Meghan flatly refused to invite her father to the celebrations.

Meghan Markle Salad

Since then, however, Meghan Markle and her father have had real ones from time to time media clashes. One of the most recent was born for apparently ridiculous reasons and, in particular, for a $ 5 salad.

“The Sizzler Salad, which cost $ 5 or less” Meghan wrote a few months ago, it was one of the foods she was most used to as a child.

The former actress mentioned this detail from her life in one of her own letter to Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the White House and leading exponent of US politics.

In the letter Meghan asked the American political class to grant more paid holidays to new parents, so that they could spend more time with their children. Meghan had had the opportunity to reflect on the subject after the birth of Lilibet Diana. The Duchess wondered how many women in the States had been as lucky as she was, who had been able to dedicate herself to the child full time in the first months of her life.

What does the salad have to do with it? According to Thomas Markle, it has nothing to do with it, and it is also a pitiful lie.

Thomas Markle vs Meghan Markle: the salad war

In the letter sent to Nancy Pelosi, the former American actress had wanted to mention her family’s habit of having lunch at Sizzler’s because particularly cheap restaurant.

Thomas and Meghan Markle

Meghan’s purpose was therefore to highlight the fact that even wealthy families can go through a time of economic difficulty when children are born.

Strengthened by this “hard” experience, Meghan Markle said she felt particularly close to economically troubled families.

The problem is that Thomas Markle, who had paid out of his own pocket for the lunches at Sizzler’s (and any other expenses of Meghan) gave a different version of the story.

“He has never, ever, ever had to worry about something like this in his life,” Thomas Markle told US media. We went to the best restaurants in town and Sizzler too, sure, because it was cheap. But we never had to raise money to get to eat a salad “ Markle’s father continued, determined to deny all of his daughter’s claims point by point.

“He had the salad, but he also ate his fill. If she ordered a salad, it’s because she wanted it “ concluded Thomas Markle.

Which version of events corresponds to the truth? It might be hard to tell, but you also have to admit that Meghan Markle’s family has always been quite wealthy.

Thomas Markle Senior has been there for years director of photography and lighting technician of great fame in Hollywood, so he certainly did not lead a destitute life. Furthermore, the man’s eldest children have also claimed in the past that his father had a soft spot for Meghan, and that on more than one occasion he had financed his attempts to break into the world of cinema. It follows that, although they certainly weren’t sailing in gold, the Markles weren’t “forced” to go to a restaurant where a salad cost $ 4.99.

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For what reason Megan would he then say such a thing? Probably the former actress she wanted to emphasize once again her status as a woman of the people who has reached the top of notoriety and the highest levels of American society with her own strength, to the point of marrying a Prince.