The famous hotel experiences the first conflicts: “it offered a threat”

Thursday, March 24, 2022


El Hotel de los Famosos, the new reality show with which ElTrece once again competed strongly in prime time, experienced the first conflicts between the participants this Wednesday. Everything happened when some of the celebrities had to serve breakfast to their companions and the demands of some of the stars were not seen coming.

One of those who had to serve breakfast to her companions was Silvina Luna, who had to wear a uniform as a hotel employee and submitted to the requirements of celebrities. As soon as she began to serve, she began to receive criticism for the lack of salty foods and excess of sweet proposals.

When asked about the saltiness, Luna replied: “no, but if you want, I’ll discuss it in the kitchen. What do you want to eat today?” Politically correct. Without further ado, Alex Caniggia said that he wanted Serrano ham. Idea joined by Rodrigo Noya and other colleagues who made Silvina go talk to her “superior”.

The situation revealed that everyone goes with the idea of ​​winning, and that they will not miss an opportunity when it comes to passing over the other. Watch the video of the moment:

“Do you want to sleep with me”: was the first love born in The Famous Hotel?

This Tuesday was seen as in the middle of a game directed by Pampita and José María Muscari, 2 of the 16 celebrities revealed a “carnal desire” that already burns within reality. It is about Leo García and Martín Salwe, who took out the rags in the sun without hesitation.

It all started when Leo turned the wheel of fortune and had to give a revelation within what a “wish” is. He first said that he wanted to have a good time all the time, but her answer changed when the model asked him about a carnal desire that disturbed him within the program.

“I like Martín”, Leo launched before the euphoric shouts of his companions. “He is very sexual, he gets into everyone’s bed but not mine because he is afraid of me,” he added bluntly. Later, he commented, “He has an attitude of wanting to please all the time, seducing all the time.”

However, that was not all, since García launched before his companions: “He told me that he wanted to make love to me for one night.” The screams didn’t go away. Before the confession, Martín launched: “I like you very well and you sing very nicely.” And he quickly argued over what Leo said: “I make a lot of jokes with it, but it’s always in a joke.”