The end of Contigo Sí: Daniela Zavala spoke of the social impact of the telenovela

Daniela Zavala is an actress, writer and producer, she seeks to tell “stories that shake” the viewer (Photo: Televisa)

the soap opera Yes with you is about to come to an end after six months of broadcasting. The Ignacio Sada production, starring Danilo Carrera, Alejandra Robles Gil and Brandon Peniche conquered the afternoon audience by presenting a classic Mexican melodrama with elements in the plot that speak of current issues.

in conversation with Infobae Mexico, Daniela Zavala, who gave life to “Adela Hidalgo” in the Televisa soap operaHe shared his experience with the project.

“It was something unexpected, I had done television more than ten years ago, and after several projects I decided to leave the company, because I wanted to do more things, I was interested in exploring other formats,” he said.

Daniela, who is also a writer and producer, has always had the concern to tell stories and represent characters “with meat”, so she did not hesitate to do foundry for the telenovela that comes to an end today:

“I grew out of Televisathen comes the invitation from producer Ignacio Sada to audition for the character ‘Adela’. When they invite me and I read the biography of the character I was totally captivated by the storyI found it very interesting that ‘Adela’ was a woman who loses her memory due to an accident for 13 years and then is in search of who she is, after her family. It seemed to me that there was a lot of meat for me as an actress with this character”.

Photo: Instagram/@contigosimx
Photo: Instagram/@contigosimx

“I am happy to have successfully completed this project, and we also broke some rating records for its time slot, it went very well for us, happy for this project that is almost over”

Being a classic soap opera that presents a love story, this new adaptation of the work written by the late Inés Rodena was refreshed and social aspects were added to the plot with which the public can identify.

“There was a very lucky update, topics were touched on that ten years ago it was impossible to talk about, for example, in Yes with you there is a homosexual marriage, there is a girl who has AIDS, the issue of machismo in couples is addressedThere are many topics that are current that need to be talked about and it is important that they are talked about in soap operas,” he added.

The actress is confident that open television still has a future among Mexican audiences (Photo: Televisa)
The actress is confident that open television still has a future among Mexican audiences (Photo: Televisa)

And it is that the scope of the open television signal is so great, that for the graduate of the CEA of Televisa and the Casa Azul ARGOS acting school, the contents to be presented must have a good dose of social perspective and representation:

“Open television reaches all corners of the Mexican Republic and even other countriesit is important to normalize these topics, to be able to speak and watch them freely on television without having to pay for it. It has a responsibility, the fact that one turns on the television and can appear that story in any corner, in any economic kitchen, in any home in Mexico is a responsibility, “she added.

When Daniela Zavala took a break from telenovelas, in 2011, there was no offer of digital platforms as vast as today. The rise of services transmission has changed entertainment consumption habits, and a drop in audience has been reported compared to previous years. Given this, Daniela affirms that there is still a captive audience for which “all kinds of stories must be told, from different angles.”

Daniela Zavala gave life to "Adela Hidalgo" In Contigo Sí, a woman who lost her memory for thirteen years (Photo: Televisa)
Daniela Zavala gave life to “Adela Hidalgo” in Contigo yes, a woman who lost her memory for thirteen years (Photo: Televisa)

Open television I think is a format that will continue for a long time, there is a particular audience to watch this formatwhat I can tell you is that I notice and I liked it a lot is also seeing a change in the stories… New stories must be explored and I can tell you that I am seeing an opening, a real change, “he said.


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