The dining room and material scholarships add the breakfasts for the concerted

The application for scholarships for school supplies and dining rooms opened on Monday and will be available for ten business days. The Official Gazette of the Province published the bases that day, which can also be consulted on the municipal website, on the Notice Board. The amount reserved in the municipal budgets is the same as last year, with 283,000 euros to fully subsidize the cost of breakfast and lunch, and 90,000 to help the cost of school supplies, with checks of one hundred euros each.

The main novelty with respect to last year is that concerted schools are incorporated into breakfasts. Until now, meals were only paid to families that met the requirements to receive the subsidy, unlike public centers, which included both. Thus, both types of schools are equal, which in practice, according to forecasts, will mean incorporating a few more lunches than the current ones.

Another novelty that stands out from the Benestar council is the anticipation with which the bases and the call have been published, which did not usually come out before the summer, and now they are processed even before the end of the course.

The school canteen aid line covers the entire cost of the service and is aimed at minors who reside in Ferrol and who are enrolled in public or concerted centers in the city, at the Early Childhood, Primary and Special Education levels. For schooling, the range is extended, also covering Secondary, Baccalaureate, Basic Vocational Training and Intermediate Vocational Training. In the latter case, the amount is one hundred euros for school supplies, books, sportswear, uniforms, sports items or technological material in Ferrol establishments that accept the City Council voucher.

The purpose of the municipal subsidies is to “respond to the school needs of two children of the Ferrol City Council whose families prove they have economic difficulties that prevent them from facing the current expenses of the school year, and especially those supposed to be The boys and girls of the city are part of family units who are victims of gender-based violence so that these bases establish special protection requirements,” the document explains.