“The different modes of transport do not have to compete, but complement each other”

The Ministry of Transport seeks to upload the goods to the train. Specifically, with the Goods 30 initiative, aims to double the number of goods transported by rail by 2030and thus reach a share of 10%. This was recalled this Wednesday by María Luisa Domínguez, president of Adif, at an informative breakfast at the Executive Forum. However, Domínguez stresses that “the important thing is that it has penetrated the concept that the different modes of transport do not have to compete, but rather complement each other within the logistics chain.

María Luisa Domínguez: “Each one of us has to do our part of the logistics chain, which is a very long chain”

To questions from those present, the president of Adif, has given an example of how the road and the railway can complement each other: “The truck is a door-to-door transport, and that is very positive. The truck can make the first and last part of the logistics chain, while the longest section is made by a railway highway“. In addition, he has pointed out that this would make the road transport sector “more attractive” for truckers because it would allow them to sleep at home. “Each one of us has to do the part that corresponds to us in the logistics chainwhich is a very long chain”, he summarized. Domínguez also recalled that the Goods 30 initiative proposes aid to the private sector to encourage them to choose the train to transport their goods.

Domínguez has also recognized that “10% of the fee for all freight may not seem like muchbut it is about multiplying the current quota by two”. He recalled that the liberalization of the sector in 2007 did not serve to increase that percentage, as it happened in other countries, “rather the opposite occurred”. But he believes that now is the time it’s good “due to the need for decarbonisation and because the actors have understood that means of transport do not compete with each other“.

railway motorways

María Luisa Domínguez, who has emphasized that the railway is key to decarbonizationhas reviewed some of the measures that the Ministry is carrying out to double the share of goods that go by train. has mentioned port connections“such as the work in the Port of La Coruña that has recently been put out to tender” and the “boost for railway motorways“.