The cultural roots of Traslasierra combine traditions, rock and astrotourism

The immense and diaphanous dome of the sky of Mina Clavero allows astrotourism to be one of the attractions offered by this mountain destination, where the tradition of black ceramics, weavers, gastronomy and rock come together to live the experience of what It has been called “Root Tourism”.

“We started working on the concept of Root Tourism about 6 or 7 years ago, and it has to do with valuing the ancestral knowledge by which we identify ourselves compared to other destinations, which are at the same time why they continue to choose us” , specified Adrián Panella, secretary of Tourism and local Culture in statements to Télam.

Within this concept enters the experience of conducting a ceramics workshop with the ceramic master potter, Atilio López, one of the most important in the region and the country, who works with black ceramics.

“During the months of high season, both in summer and winter and at Easter, this Raíz tourism experience is to come to the workshop or to our cultural center, share a homemade breakfast, and with the help of Mariana López, daughter of Atilio , to have a master class on working with black clay, which is very typical here,” explained Panella.

The municipal official explained that a mountain breakfast is shared “with homemade bread and jam, twice a week for free, while once a month it closes with a master class by maestro López, accompanied by mountain music, a baked lamb clay and local wines”.

Another “strong experience”, in the words of Panella, is that of astrotourism, benefited by the clear nights of Mina Clavero where the Milky Way appears in all its splendor.

To do this, Ricardo Aníbal “Zorro” Villarreal, travels the roads of Córdoba with his telescope as a companion and a group of collaborators telling about the constellations and the stories that throughout human history represented the sky for different cultures.

“From the Ministry of Tourism, since the Córdoba Tourism Agency also does it, we promote astrotourism to show the country that our skies are suitable for this experience,” said Panella.

And rock also has a strong imprint in the area, where the Sumo group was born in the 80s, with the arrival of Luca Prodan, brought by the hand of his Scottish friend Timmy McKern.

Mina Clavero was impregnated by the figure of the mythical musician who changed the history of national rock, “so it is very common to see other rock icons in the area throughout the year, such as Catupecu Machu, Ciro and Los Persas, part of the Redondos, or the Authentic Decadents”, said Panella.

But not only do the visitors remember that Mina Clavero became a place chosen by rock musicians, but also that “for about 5 or 6 years there has been a hyper modern studio with all the paraphernalia at the best level of any studio in the world that is Sonoramic flame”, he explained.

“Also in Nono, in La Bicoca -he continued-, there is the Los Angeles studio which is where Las Pelotas record, they use it for themselves but some bands from here also record, so there is a very important rock imprint in the area” .