the concept of “breakfast” that sweeps Tenerife

A great competitor has emerged for the traditional Canarian breakfast of flea and barriquito. Brunch has been positioning itself on the islands for months as an alternative to the usual breakfast, which has caused many local bars and restaurants to implement it in their menus, thus transforming the business model and adapting to the new tastes of customers.

The name ‘brunch’ comes from the mixture of the English breakfast -breakfast- and the word lunch -lunch-. It is a term originating in England, and was born because the employees of the wealthiest families in the country left a large amount of food prepared for the family on their day off on Sunday. For this reason, brunch traditionally represents a meal that combines breakfast and lunch, which is designed to be eaten on Sundays. Later, the concept became popular in the United States, and has now reached a large number of countries, introducing all kinds of options to choose from.

Image of an example of brunch. / Atlantic Today

Brunch has come to the Canary Islands to stay, assuming a novelty for the hospitality businesses of the Islands. At a national level, there is so much eagerness for this new concept that cities like Barcelona have already opened businesses called ”bruncherias” that are only dedicated to this type of service.

Triumph on the Island

Although the concept has been established in the Canary Islands for some years, it has increased in recent months. Bars and restaurants have adapted to customer demand and have added this option to their menus.

It is the case of bollullo oasis, a restaurant that has recently opened its doors in the municipality of Candelaria. Luis Gonzalezlocal chef, comment to Atlantic Today who decided to add the option of brunch for their customers on weekends and holidays in order to take advantage of the pull that the concept is having in society. ”It is a trend that is growing lately, so we thought it was a good option to add it. So far it’s working very well for us,” he says.

For his part, from the Restaurant Meson El Monsterio, located in the northern municipality of La Orotava, point to Atlantic Today that offer this type of breakfast throughout the day “because we have our own bakery and it is a product that is very popular with our customers.” In addition, they emphasize that it is a concept which attracts a lot of people.

Morning ritual to share

Other places such as the Sabela gastrobar, located in the capital of Tenerife, have practically made breakfast time the mainstay of their business. The business manager, Cristina Hernández, comments to Atlantic Today that brunch has ended considering it a “late, forceful and unhurried” breakfast, which many clients take at 10 in the morning, while others choose to do it at the traditional time, around 12. In Sabela it is in high demand as it has become that morning ritual to share a table with friends or family and many times they tie it with the appetizer,” says Hernández.

It also highlights that they not only offer it locally, but they also take it home. Likewise, Hernández points out that brunch ”has been distorted quite a bit and almost any slightly larger breakfast is called brunch and in fact, if we are purists, the hours would be from 12 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, a fusion between breakfast and lunch”.

The charm of a different concept

Why does this type of concept draw so much attention from consumers? Carlos and Victoria are a couple who occasionally have brunch. stand out to Atlantic Today that it is an idea that seems very attractive to them, especially because the large amount of food it offers and especially because you have time freedom to consume it. ”When you go to breakfast you usually go early. With brunch you can go at any time in the morning, and you know you’re going to eat a lot”, they point out.

In addition to the time, brunch has become the meal with the most photography par excellence, especially at a time when aesthetics rule. In this sense, as González indicated, the environment in which it is consumed also plays a big role, as well as its presentation and the different food options to choose from. -toast, fruit, pancakes, juices, coffee, all in one menu-key factors that have aroused the interest of consumers.

”The environment is very important when having a brunch. It is not the same to offer it in a closed space, than a restaurant that has terraces and with accompanying views,” he highlights. Louis Gonzalez.