The chascarro of José Luis Repenning and Jaime Leyton in Mega

During the morning of today, Thursday, March 24, the faces of Meganoticias Amanece, Joseph Louis Repenningand Jaime Leytonthey had a chascarro that did not pass cool by the viewers.

It all happened while the journalist and the meteorologist went to the channel’s cafeteria so they could have breakfast.

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What happened in the cafeteria?

“There they sell sandwiches, there is a fresh marraqueta”, José Luis Repenning commented to Jaime Leyton while they were on their way to have breakfast.

Of course, the meteorologist confessed that he had never tried the marraqueta of the place, so it would be a totally new experience despite having been in Mega for several years.

«There are also muffins, there are empanadas and the lady who attends is super charming. Will you be open at this time?«, expressed José Luis Reppening.

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But the marraqueta had to wait, since the communicator along with the meteorologist arrived at 07:57 and the cafeteria had just opened at 8:00.

“It’s closed still it seems”commented Jaime Leyton, while José Luis Repenning put his hand to his forehead when he realized the chascarro.

Jose Luis Repenning (2)
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The uncoverings of José Luis Repenning

During the summer, heJosé Luis Repenning’s uncoverings were a sensation on Instagram. In the first instance, it was with a tiny swimsuit At the bottom, looking very self-confident, he wrote: “At 44 I wear this swimsuit just the same… if not now when”he claimed.

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But that was not all since the journalist decided to be a little more daring, and published another uncover that enchanted all his public. On this occasion, the photo shows Joseph Louis Repenning wearing a white bathing suit, quite small and tight, enjoying the beaches of Coquimbo.

Joseph Louis Repenning