The challenge of Valencian family businesses

The professor at the University of Valencia (UV) and director of the Family Business Chair (CEFUV), Alejandro Escribá, points out that family businesses represent 66% of private employment in Spain.

But his challenge is to break the stereotype that associates this type of company with a “limited capacity” to offer professional development opportunities to people who are not family members and who join them. Attract talent, in short.

66% of private employment in Spain is generated by family companies

They discussed this this Tuesday in Valencia with Carmen Berbegal, director of CSR and attached to the People Area of ​​the company Actiu, and Paco Gavilán, general director of Nunsys, in which the two speakers have transmitted their experiences and learning in this area .

The colloquium has been organized by the CEFUV, promoted by the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs (AVE), the School of Entrepreneurs (EDEM), the Valencian Institute for the Study of Family Businesses (IVEFA), the Family Business Institute (IEF ) and the UV, and is sponsored by CaixaBank and Broseta.

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In the debate, Carmen Berbegal highlighted that “the business culture at Actiu is very important. The communication work of our values ​​and the power of our sustainability area give the company a very good reputation, which allows us to nurture a lot of internal talent and spontaneous candidates”.

The directive maintains that “in our case, employees are not a number. They are people and they demonstrate their worth every day and who are recognized and empowered. And this is our differential point”. Actiu is a consolidated firm from Alicante that designs and manufactures furniture for work spaces, collective environments and areas contract.

“Employees are not a number. They are people and they prove their worth every day”, says Carmen Berbegal (Actiu).

On the other hand, Nunsys, a leading Spanish family and technology company, has experienced exponential growth with a business model that integrates organic and inorganic growth.

Paco Gavilán, its general manager, has valued the initiatives developed by his company for people management. He has highlighted the importance of taking great care of the employee who is already in the company, since these are “the main ambassadors” of the company in the labor market.

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He has also pointed out that, on many occasions, Nunsys captures collective talent through acquisitions or the integration of teams and companies into the business project: “We look for companies that are super-specialized in certain areas and we buy them.” “The most different thing about Nunsys is that we attract talent in groups, incorporating companies”, he stressed.

During the colloquium, the speakers stressed the care of the human team, emphasizing that having talent with a desire to intrapreneurship brings a lot of value to the organization and that it is important to promote it, accompany it and eliminate the “fear of error” factor to continue growing.

Gavilán (Nunsys) explains that “we attract talent in groups, incorporating companies”

In the conclusions of the breakfast, the director of the Chair highlighted that family businesses that are capable of building an attractive business project.

A business proposal that is accompanied by values ​​related to transparency, proximity and proximity to employees, generosity and trust, which have “a long way to go to break the stereotypes that often accompany family businesses as potential employers.