The breakfasts you have to know to lower cholesterol

Have them high cholesterol levels It’s one of the most recurrent health problems among the Spanish. This is not an issue that cannot be overlooked, as it can seriously affect our healthcausing cardiovascular diseases or diabetes, among other pathologies. To reduce blood cholesterol levels it is essential take care of food. This is essential to do from the first moment of the day, so here we leave you five ideas of breakfasts for lower cholesterol levels.

Breakfasts to lower cholesterol

These are the Five ideal breakfasts to reduce cholesterol:

oatmeal and cereal

Oatmeal is rich in bataglucansthat reduce the absorption of cholesterol. On the other hand, whole grains are a good option to add fiber to our breakfast and take care of cardiovascular health.


Nuts in general contain fatty acids that favor the body. The walnuts for this they are the best example, since they contain Omega 3 in large amounts, which increases good cholesterol. In our breakfast they can be incorporated, for example, together with a plain yogurt.

Nuts are an easy food to incorporate into our breakfast.

has green

It is an ideal substitute for Cafeteriasince this, if you add a lot of sugar, cream or decaffeinated milk, will increase cholesterol levels. That’s why green tea is a great substitute that also reduces the bad cholesterol absorption capacity of our intestines and accelerates fat burning.

Avocado toast

Toast is one of the essentials in many breakfasts, however, the companion that they carry can be harmful to health. To have positive effects and reduce cholesterol bread must be wholemeal and they must be accompanied by avocado, rich in antioxidants and substances that help absorb cholesterol.

Yogurt with cereals and blueberries

The berriesamong which are blueberries, they provide a lot of benefits to our body. For example, they are rich in anthocyanins, which prevent cholesterol from reaching an oxidation state. One way to include them in our breakfast is to take them with yogurt, to which you can also add walnuts.