The breakfasts of Luis Rubiales, by Josep Martí Blanch

There is no way that the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, feels good about breakfast. For weeks his thing has been to receive the day with a slap in the form of journalistic revelation that returns him to bed as soon as he gets up. The paradox of the case is that they shoot him with the ammunition that he himself has stored since taking office; We assume that to be able to be Rubiales himself who machine-gunned others if one day he had to.

Why else would one record all their conversations? Only this vice certifies that one should not leave one’s children to this gentleman, not even the time it takes to go down to buy bread on the corner. Whoever stores recordings is not trustworthy and walks in mud. No one records a conversation of the type: “–Hey, what does Luis tell me that the sales season has already started. –Ah, yes?, We could meet to go buy some suits”. He already understands.

I cross a bet: if Rubiales falls, a Rubiales with a different last name will arrive

Criminal justice and also civil justice are sniffing out Rubiales’ butt. After the audios of the Super Cup business in Saudi Arabia and the commissions agreed with the Barcelona center-back Gerard Piqué, new matters have become known, some of them with overtones of scandal: undue payments to his pocket, espionage, recordings of ministers, trips with friends specials charged to the Royal Federation… Add it up and continue. The good of Rubiales asked in court that the publication of all this material be prohibited by urgent means, due to its illicit origin. As expected, his lordship put the interest for public opinion before what has been known. At this point, Rubiales is already cornered. That the prosecution has moved a piece, that the government demands explanations from him and that his loquacity has turned into silence are more than enough clues to intuit that at any moment, despite his proven endurance, he could fall from the golden chair in the who is sitting

There is a temptation to place this vaudeville only within the framework of the death match that Rubiales has with
his archenemy Javier Tebas, president of the League. Actually, for purposes
practical, it is indifferent who or who have an interest in shrouding Rubiales as president of the Federation. As is also determining if one is worse than the other or the other worse than one.

What we do know, according to what we have been reading, is that the Federation is in the hands of someone who manages the institution like a capo governs his family in shady business movies. That said, and seeing how all the bodies responsible for governing football are doing, perhaps what happens is that this and no other is the ideal profile for these institutions. I cross a bet: if Rubiales falls, a Rubiales with a different last name will arrive. Only, for a while, he will be able to have breakfast in peace.