The best tacos in Barcelona: Authentic flavor

Few recipes so simple have come this far. The tacosthe tortilla mexican that is filled with different ingredients is so popular that it can boast of having its own day, the March 31st. In Barcelona, ​​the culture of Mexican food has been widespread for years and the taco is, without a doubt, one of the favorite dishes of the people of Barcelona. In fact, there are many restaurants specializing solely in this proposal, such as La Taquería (Pasaje de Font, 5) or Pikio Taco (Calle de Còrsega, 376).

Although Taco Day is March 31, its flavor and international fame make every day –in any season of the year– are good to taste this delicious dish. Below you can consult some of the places to eat the best tacos in Barcelona and various curiosities about this peculiar dish.


Some of the tastiest tacos in the Catalan capital can be found at the following restaurants:


The Chelinda is considered a taqueria-bar and lives with the objective of “conquering the palate and the heart of its clients. They are specialists in both food and drink, and have a wide letter with countless flavors that you can taste at number 9 Enric Granados street or in the Diagonal Mar shopping center.


The Black Rose is a mythical restaurant of the city when talking about Mexican culture. It has two premises in Barcelona, ​​one of them located in the Raval (Calle dels Àngels, 6) and the other in via Laietana (via Laietana, 46). They have all kinds of tacos, which they offer accompanied by different toppings and sauces for for all tastes.

One of the star dishes of Chelinda / LA CHELINDA


Machito Canteen It is a restaurant that offers different dishes and is classified as a “Mexican with prestige”. They offer dishes faithful to authentic Mexican cuisine and some huge portions.


The Mexican Cazuelitas bring “a little corner from Mexico” to Barcelona. The specialty of the house is its Tacos al pastorrecommended for coriander lovers.

Preparation of tacos from the restaurant Pikio Taco / PIKIO TACO
Preparation of tacos from the restaurant Pikio Taco / PIKIO TACO


pike tacoLocated at number 379 Calle de Còrsega, it is a small place dedicated exclusively to tacos and traditional Mexican drinks. In its menu you will find only tacos and quesadillas that have the perfect combination of ingredients.


Located at number 5 of Passage de la Font, at number 304 of Calle de Sardenya and at number 172 of Calle de Pujades, La Taquería restaurant has all kinds of tacos made with authentic Mexican ingredients. Their Pastor tacos, for example, are made with marinated porkthe most famous in Mexico.


Although the origin of the taco is certainly not known, there are references already in the time of Moctezuma. There are those who even venture to name Hernán Cortés as the inventor of this tortilla. Nothing could be further from the truth, since the recipe was present long before and with different names, depending on the region of origin: tlahcoo, ixpikili, tlacuali, zonj, quauhtaquali.

Of all the theories about the origin of this dish, the most convincing is the one that links it to the term Nahuatl. A word that means half or half and that has a lot to do with the structure of the cue itself. Do not forget that the filling is placed in the middle of the tortilla. Regarding the time, there is no doubt that it dates back to pre-Hispanic times.


What historians do agree on is the humble origin of the taco. It was a meal typical of the lower classes. Something common in many famous dishes today in international cuisines. In the case of the Mexican taco, it was not until the middle of the 20th century that the recipe was valued. Until then it was a dish reviled by the upper social classes.

Three types of tacos to try in Mexican restaurants
Three types of tacos to try in Mexican restaurants


One of the curiosities most striking is that it not only has a commemoration day, it also has a anthem. It is the song of the well-known Mexican composer Chava Flores, whose name is the taquiza.

On the other hand, and although it is clear that Hernán Cortés is not the one who invented this well-known recipe, he is credited with the role of the first taco festival in 1520. The taco served to delight the celebration of the colonization of Mexican lands.


Another of the most surprising curiosities dates back to 1966. It seems that in this year two housewives were the forerunners of the food trucks specialized in tacos. Although the cars of that time were very different from those of today, it is clear that we owe the itinerant sale of tacos in a four-wheel vehicle to these ladies, who knew how to anticipate the importance that this Mexican dish would reach.

Taco Day has more than just reasons to celebrate. A special date for a dish that, luckily for everyone, has been integrated into the gastronomic offer for years from practically everyone.