The best supermarket cookies for breakfast according to the OCU: they cost 2.39 euros

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In Spain there are two types of breakfast par excellence: toast and biscuits. There are those who claim that due to lack of time they prefer to have cookies, always ready to eat, and there are those who choose them because they cannot conceive of starting the day without them along with coffee. But keep in mind that the cookies are ultraprocessedand its consumption should be moderate, therefore the TO THE FATHER has drawn up a ranking with the healthiest. From the organization always help the consumer in their purchasing decisionsselecting, for example, the best olive oil to replace sunflower oil, or informing about the cheapest rates on the market.

For the selection of the best cookies for breakfast, the Organization of consumers and users has taken into account the information provided on product packaging, both ingredients and nutritional data, reflected more easily in the NutriScore score. Practically all of them contain refined flour, oils (palm or sunflower) and sugar, and in the first positions are those that have less of this last ingredient.

The ranking is headed by cookies Maria Classic 0% salt and added sugar from Carrefourthese being the best cookies in terms of quality with a A-valuation. Among its ingredients we find wheat flour, vegetable fibers, sunflower oil and wheat bran. The sugars come from the sweetener maltitol. The box contains three packages of cookies of 200 gr each and their price is €2.39.

Biscuits Maria Classic 0%

Nuria Perez


After these cookies, the second best are the Chiquilin 0% sugar additionswith a B rating. Making a global analysis of the cookie comparator of the TO THE FATHERIt can be verified that the most recommended are the simple oneswithout fillings or chocolate, since they contain a lower body fat percentage (15%) and have a better score in NutriScore.

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