The best electric orange juicers

start the day with a balanced breakfast It is a guarantee of performing physically and intellectually during the day, in addition to keeping the scale at bay.

That is why eating fruit, whether whole or in juice, is very important, because it gives you the energy required to get you well until noon.

The Orange juice It is the most consumed and the one you want to drink at any time.

It is healthy for the body due to its high content of vitamins and minerals.

So have a good squeezer that facilitates the work and makes the most of the fruit, it is essential to enjoy a natural juice in the morning.

To make a good choice, make sure that the juicer has a power of between 60 and 100 watts, a sufficient container capacity and easy cleaning.

Philips favorite


The Philips brand has designed this electric juicer whose most praised feature by experts is its silent motor that, with 85 watts of power, has enough power to squeeze without any effort and without disturbing the family when it’s time to get up early.

The flow goes straight into the glass, so there is minimal contact with the machine: squeeze and drink!

It rests on non-slip rubber feet that make the task easier and has an anti-drip system that can be activated if you need to stop at any time.

As Philips thinks of all the details, it has included a cord wrap that makes it easy to store.

Very professional, from Krups


The second option chosen in this comparison is the elegant cast metal Citrus Press juicer.

It is perfect whether you are looking for a professional juicer for use at home, or if you want to use it in hospitality businesses.

It has two squeezing options: manual or lever pressure. In addition, it serves the juice directly into the glass at full speed with its powerful 130-watt motor.

In addition, its universal cone together with the double direction of rotation and the lid and retaining clip allow you to squeeze every last drop of all kinds of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit and limes that will delight lovers of natural juices.

With turbo-squeezer, from Cecotec


The Cecojuicer Zitrus turbo juicer is an advanced version of the traditional model of a lifetime.

There are times when a single head is not enough to extract the juice quickly, for this reason with this model you can squeeze both halves at once.

This is possible thanks to its 90 watt power and a cutter located on the lid that avoids the use of other utensils.

Its removable glass has a capacity of half a liter that includes a filter that removes the pulp that, for many people and especially children, bothers so much when drinking it.

For those who prefer to drink it with pulp and make the most of the fruit, they just have to remove the filter and… clever!

It has suction cups that adhere to the surface to provide stability and a space to hide the cable.

Classic by Braun


The prestigious brand of household appliances Braun has designed the CJ3000 model for the most nostalgic who are looking for a juicer with a classic, compact, easy-to-clean cut and at a good price.

It stands out for its adjustable pulp system with which the amount that will fall into the juice is selected. It has a power of 20 watts so the power consumption is minimal.

The rotation of its head in 2 directions will get the most out of each piece and, thanks to its transparent 350 ml container with meter, you can see the amount that has been squeezed.

It disassembles in a few steps and is dishwasher safe.

Very economical, from Aigostar


The Morgen 30HIM juicer is the ideal solution for all those who want to enjoy a delicious juice, at a reasonable price and without injuring their wrist trying to do it with a manual model.

It has two cones of different sizes that adapt to the circumference of the fruit that is going to be squeezed in order to maximize the extraction of the juice.

It also has a built-in filter with 5 levels with which to select the amount of pulp that you want to let through and it has a capacity of up to 1 litre, perfect for juicing large quantities.

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It is completely removable for easy cleaning and the cable can be stored in the base.

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