the best courses for cooking enthusiasts

Gastronomy is a rising trend that has spent years bringing out its full potential in the different areas of the sector: from professionalization at an educational level, to the rise of television cooking competitions, the increase in the number of blogs gourmet or even the wide range of recipe books that exist today. Furthermore, since the arrival of this culinary “boom”, cooking courses have become one of the leisure plans favorites among adults and children.

In the Salnés region there is a wide range of gastronomic workshops, with options ―both for children and adults― ranging from the classic courses for beginners to more advanced ones. The evolution of macrobiotics and energy, oenology or cocktails or the preparation of seafood are just some of the most prominent examples. Next, we propose a brief list of workshops and courses for live a complete gastronomic experiencebecome a true cook or perhaps discover an innate talent for this culinary art.

Cooking in Salnés: the best courses in the region

Workshop products. Photo: Cooking in the Salnés.

One of the best valued spaces when it comes to cooking workshops and showcookings is the revolutionary project of Cooking in the Salnés, a commitment to gastronomic tourism in the Quinta de San Amaro, in Meaño. This charming hotel-restaurant offers a varied catalog of workshops aimed at both clients and non-guests and is also coordinated by the Galician culinary blogger and researcher, Rocío Garrido.

The different practices are carried out in groups of between 4 and 10 people, with the possibility of enrolling in up to four different courses: the Galician cooking workshop, the XL cooking workshop (extended version of the previous one), the “Art of cooking the sea” workshop ―which includes a boat trip around the Illa de Arousa― and finally a thematic workshop (Mexican cuisine, Peruvian, vegan, confectionery…) adapted to the tastes of the users. The prices of each of them range between 60 or 95 euros per persondepending on the time and the experiences offered in each of them.

Travel Tee

Cooking fusion workshop and accommodation. Photo: Tee Travel

Continuing with the mergers in the culinary field, Tee Travel ―a travel agency based in Vilagarcía de Arousa―, in collaboration with Quinta de San Amaro, offers one of the most complete gastronomic experiences in the region. We are talking about a cooking workshop in the heart of the Rías Baixas that includes accommodation, special breakfast and dinner, private cooking course and a visit to a winery of Albariño DO Rías Baixas wine with tasting. The price varies depending on the number of people registered: 140 euros per person with a minimum of four; and 195 euros if it is two people.

Training Center Map

MAP Academy Course. Photo: Salnés Click

In the technical section of the culinary courses, in the Salnés region we find three options offered by the MAP Academy, in Sanxenxo. In this case, they are long-term online courses, lasting about 3 or 4 months depending on the workshop, with themes as varied as cocktails, oenology or the preparation of appetizers. For the monthly cost of these courses, the price is around 50 euros, while the full payment is established at 120 or 160 euros. Cocktail practices allow users to learn the appropriate decorative elements for these cocktails, as well as the necessary instruments and other technical details.

Continuing in the online realm, the oenology course – the lowest in price and time – trains students to learn about the different wines and distilled beverages on the market. Lastly, the appetizer preparation course provides a theoretical introduction to the terminology applied to cooking, the journey of the product until it reaches the customer, and instructs the participants in the presentation and decoration of canapés.

go figure

Macrobiotic and energetic cooking workshop. Photo: Imagine

In Vilagarcia de Arousa, go figure (Center for Meditation and Comprehensive Development and Self-knowledge) makes available to its clients from time to time unique workshops that put into practice self-knowledge through food. One of the last ones carried out followed the theme of microbiotic and energetic cuisine. a course with theoretical introduction, cooking and subsequent tasting of the dishes prepared during the four hours of duration, from 30 euros per person.