The best breakfasts in Santiago to start the day with the batteries on


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The egg paradise exists and is in Providence. Your name? egg.

In this place, open steps from the Metro Manuel Montt, tribute is paid to egg, the main ingredient of the letter. Not just any egg in any case, but the from “happy hen””, those that are raised free, outside of cages, and that for the same reason have an orange yolk, much tastier.

What to order for breakfast? The classic one ($4,500), which is the classic pailita, with three fried or scrambled eggs, with a touch of sea salt and pepper; or the poached egg ($5,700), which is a poached egg, on toast with avocado, mix of green leaves, sautéed cherry tomatoes, chives, lemon, sea salt and pepper.

You can accompany them with one of their specialty coffeesAs the cappuccino ($1,900) or if you prefer the chai tea latte ($2,400), in addition to the juice of the day ($3,000), which is half a liter of natural seasonal fruit juice.

Another alternative is that you tempt yourself with the tortilla ($5,400), which is an omelette with two eggs, chives and pepper, plus a mix of green leaves, sautéed cherry tomatoes, lemon and sea salt; or the croanaggy ($5,100), a croissant filled with two beaten eggs, chives, and avocado or cheese.


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If you are a fan of sourdough, then you surely know La Popular Pizza y Pan, the bakery that has been on Av. Bilbao since 2016 and that in 2020 opened a second location on Infante 1232.

It is the place in charge of Tadeo CastelveroArgentine and expert in these loaves of bread, of crust crunchy and honeycombed crumbalso some addictive pizzas, where the sourdough is the protagonist.

In addition, in both places you will find dream breakfast options, the kind that will make you want to wake up just to go try them. Keep in mind that although there is attention at the table, what prevails in the local Infante is the self servicethat is, you order and then you go with your tray to the table.

What to try? Some of the versions pressedsuch as cheese and chilarge ($6,500), a marvel, loaded with mozzarella, pecorino cheese, roasted mushrooms, red onion and basil; or the horn ($5,000) of ham and cheese.

Don’t forget to ask for some of their sweet delicacies, such as the almond stuffed croissant ($3,200), which comes with a toasted almond cream, homemade orange syrup and sliced ​​almonds; or the popular sweet bun ($2,000), a croissant dough with cinnamon, brown sugar, cocoa and a pinch of cardamom with ginger.

The Popular Pizza and Bread (Infant)

Photo: Loreto Gatica

Aligot is the restaurant on Av. Isidora Goyenechea that opened in 2019 and bears the seal of the Baco restaurant team, the Providencia location led by the French Frederic Le Baux.

Precisely the dish of the same name, the aligoteis the emblem of this place, a classic French preparation that consists of a wonderful creamy puree, made with a touch of cream and tomme cheese.

Also, now you find here a letter from breakfast., which works from Monday to Saturday from 8 AM, with pastries, chocolate bread, baguette and own factory croissant.

The idea is that you assemble it to your liking, with a cappuccino or latte ($3,000), plus a Orange juice ($4,000), freshly squeezed; or the mixed ($4,000), beets, apples and carrots, for example. To which you can add the jonquil with ground avocado ($3,500) or Croissant ($3,000) with ham and cheese

Other unbeatables are toast with tomatoes ($3,000); or the tortilla ($4,000), with cheese, ham, salmon or tomato, which comes with a baguette. Besides the fruit salad of the season ($4,500).


Photo: Valentina Miranda Vega

Black Mamba Coffee opened in Roman Diaza short distance from Av. Manuel Montt in Providencia, and what you find there is a specialty bar with coffee from different origins, such as Kenya or Ecuador for example, as well as a pleasant terrace.

An ideal place to start the day trying their versions like the flat white ($2,350), which is a double espresso with a splash of milk; or the latte (from $2,750), a double ristretto with a touch more milk.

You can order it with vegetable bar ($2,500), like the vegan snickers, which is made with oatmeal, coconut flour, agave, peanuts and peanut butter, dipped in chocolate and with no added sugar.

You can also be tempted with toast with avocado ($4,100), a loaf of rye and malt sourdough bread, with avocado, cherry tomatoes, fresh sheep cheese and seeds.

Or any of the Grilled cheese, pressed sandwiches like the one from sweet potato ($5,600), which has a three-cheese blend of mozarella, cheddar, and gouda, plus roasted pomarola tomato and roasted sweet potato.

Black Mamba Coffee

Photo: Valentina Miranda Vega

On Central Vega You also find good breakfasts, the kind that are made for workers to recover energy.

Like those of La Negrita, a cafeteria located in local 926, which you can get to by entering Lastra 843.

There you will always see attending to its owner, Elena Gonzalezwho, at 82 years old, still arrives at dawn, around 5:30 AM, to open his shop. The same one that she has been in this popular Santiago market for practically his entire life, because since he was 11 years old he had been selling mote con huesillo with Herminda, his mother.

His is an ode to Breakfast of Championswith leaf tea with cinnamon ($800) and half liter juice ($1,500), pure fruit, orange with banana, for example.

The ones you should ask yes or yes with the toast with avocado ($1,600) come on scrambled eggs ($1,600), which come with a marraqueta.

Besides of full italian ($1,300), loaded with avocado and homemade mayo, which you can order at vegan version for the same price; or the luco mud ($3,300), in crispy marraqueta.

The Bold

The Bold


plate 843




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Photo: Valentina Miranda Vega.

On Valenzuela Castillo street (upon reaching Av Manuel Montt), in Providencia, you will find justice cafea small place that opens from 8 AM.

Almost everything is made there and at the moment, with fresh ingredients that they buy from small producers, such as free-range eggs, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Party with him double cappuccino ($2,300) or any of the leaked versions ($2,800), with all the caffeine and flavor you need.

Pair it with some scrambled eggs ($3,000); waves toasts ($3,800), with avocado and hummus.

Another alternative is the oatmeal porridge ($6,500), with peanut butter, jelly and grapefruit.

justice cafe

justice cafe

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a blackboard that says “good coffee” It is the only sign that you find outside of Cité, the new café that from the street looks like one more of the old heritage mansions of the Yungay neighborhood with its graffitied facade and a heavy metal door that you will have to push.

But upon entering you will find an incredible place, the Casona Compañía, a 600 m2 space on the street of the same name that its owner, Carlos Olivares, remodeled to house shared offices and workshops for entrepreneurs in the sector.

It was just installed there. aforementionedthe specialty cafeteria of the same owners of the Forastero, Romina Marigual and Jacobo Lanzarinicoffee that started on Av. Cumming and then moved to Calle Huérfanos, a place that closed due to the pandemic.

In fact, the coffee runs through the expert hand of Jacobo, who managed to make Forastero the best coffee shop in Santiago for users of TripAdvisor. taste the perfect latte ($2,400) or one flat white ($2,200), with only the milk foam.

Another option is to tempt yourself with the non-alcoholic cocktails -or non-alcoholic cocktails- based on coffee, such as cold brew station ($3,700), made with cold brew, grapefruit, lime, panela and a touch of rosemary, all over ice.

Ask for them together with some of the wonderful wholemeal sourdough toastlike the ones with avocado ($4,000), which come with avocado, marigold seeds, cherry tomatoes and pickled onions; or those of banana and strawberry ($4,800) vegan with cashew cream cheese, banana, strawberries, cinnamon and panela syrup.


Photo: Valentina Miranda Vega

The Pink Panera is a chain of stores that opened the first in Buenos Airesin 2013, with branches even in Madrid. The same one that has just inaugurated its first place in Santiagospecifically on Isidora Goyenechea street, in the El Golf neighborhood.

There, they invite you to live “life in Pink”not only because of the aesthetics of the place, very pink and welcoming, but also because it has a kitchen run by Mauricio Jofre, chef you probably know from Café San Juan in Santiago, with gourmet, homemade dishes that are available throughout the day.

In fact, open every day, at 8 AM. And as soon as you enter you will feel the smell of freshly made bread, which is like entering a childhood kitchen.

And inside you meet pancake selectioncrepes, waffles and artisan pastries, which will surely make you salivate as soon as you see their display case.

An unbeatable? The pink tower ($24,900, for two), which comes with two infusions, mint-ginger lemonade, ham and cheese toasties on country bread that are in the style of a selladito, as well as toast with jam and butter.

All that plus an apple, chocolate or lemon pudding; brownie, a chocolate alfajor, a cone of dulce de leche and the cake of your choice, such as Helena, which is a chocolate sponge cake filled with dulce de leche with butter and white chocolate granita cream, covered in chocolate. Pure gluttony!

The Pink Panera

blue jar

Photo: Valentina Miranda Vega.

In the heart of Santiago is Blue Jar, the stylish cafe with a blue facade that opened more than 10 years ago on the corner of Amanda Labarca and Moneda streets (one block from the Government Palace).

And it is the favorite of those who work in the center. So much so that it is common to see ministers drinking some of the cups of coffee beans from Ethiopia or Colombia that characterize them so much.

It also has delicious breakfast options, which work Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 12 PM. I eat the breakfast blue jar ($5,500), which comes with an egg a la copa, toast with avocado and freshly squeezed orange juice. What can you accompany a cappuccino ($1,800).

OR morning glory ($4,800), the granola with natural yogurt and fruit. He too Donut ($4,500), which you can order with butter or cream cheese.

Beware that all the pastry is made right there, like the Almond cookies ($1,500) or the Elf ($2,800).

blue jar

Photo: Valentina Miranda Vega

Daniel’s Bakery is the Ñuñoa cafeteria made for those with a sweet tooth. In fact, it opened in 2016 by Daniel Glucman, the rude of such a tasty cook who interned at Amy’s Bread, one of the most famous bakeries in New York.

And the grace is that here you find breakfast all daywith options like American breakfast ($8,300), which is wonderful with two fried eggstwo longanicillas, two slices of bacon, two English muffins and half a grilled tomato.

Or his unbeatable french toast ($6,000), made on toast in challah bread, the owner’s mother’s recipe for Jewish bread, which is prepared with cinnamon streaks and brown sugar.

Another alternative is the benedict avocado ($7,800), which is the same challah toast, with egg Benedict, avocado, and a crispy bacon topping.

daniel's bakery