The best 3-in-1 machines for breakfast lovers

The breakfast it is the most important meal. It has to provide us with 20% of the total energy of the day. And if you accept this pretext, we have found the appliance that should not be missing in your kitchen to enjoy a coffee, some toast and freshly made fried eggs…

They are the multifunction machines, which combine in a single structure the functionalities of two or three small electrical appliances closely linked to the preparation of breakfast. They are also known as multifunctional machines or 3 and 1.

Although they have the advantage of having all the devices not only at hand but in the same device, you must have a good space in the kitchen to have it on the counter or store it.

There are different types of machines on the market, for breakfast lovers, and how they like it:

  • advanced sandwich makers: There are round ones with two and even three levels divided in turn into two molds each so that several firings can be done at the same time.

  • Toaster and steamer: It is another alternative on the market with a toaster on one side integrated with a steam cooking tray to, for example, prepare some eggs. There is also the toaster-griddle version.

  • compact station: It is one of the various ways to define the most complete machines that integrate a toaster oven, food warmer, iron on top and coffee maker. They are the multifunction machines by definition and also the most expensive.

The most complete: ZZWBOX

We are facing a complete station for breakfast that, as the most attractive asset and not the least, has a very economical price within that multifunctional range. An orthodox 3 in 1 that incorporates oven, frying pan and coffee maker with all the possibilities that these utensils open up.

Of course, very practical for a copious breakfast without having to resort to cabinets because you have everything in the same room. It is a very suitable device for baking bread with its time regulator that allows its operation to be adapted to the different foods that are introduced.


Smallest: LJXX

A good breakfast with little time to invest in making it and little money to spend since it is a very economical model.

For example, some toasts and a fried egg. And more possibilities since it also comes with an accessory for heating buns. It has up to six levels so that the bread is browned to taste.

Despite being of the most basic range for functions, its size is considerable since it is close to half a meter wide. The material of the pan is non-stickso it can be easily cleaned without any food sticking.


3 in 1: Futchoy

A more than complete station, with all possible components and a price well above the average in the range.

Another of its attractions is in the design since it is quite aesthetic thanks, in large part, to its color. Good width, height and depth oven, which gives it an outstanding capacity.

In the upper part, the griddle also has a sufficient surface for a large breakfast of both food and people who can sit at the table.


Fashionable: SLFPOASM

If in the previous model we have emphasized the trick of the design, in this one the same or more since it is a nice model with a certain vintage air.

Cheaper in price, although also with more limited features (it does not have a coffee maker), but effective for its task of having a good breakfast without spending much time preparing it.

It is an alternative very breakfast orientedas normal in these machines, but it should be noted that in this case you can manage many meals later in the day with your oven and frying pan

Sandwich Maker… That Does It All: Home Care Wholesale

It is ascribed to the type that we have called in the introduction sandwich makers advanced specializing in eggs.

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It has a circular pot-like structure with different levels and a non-stick surface that, on the one hand, facilitates cooking and, on the other, is very easy to clean. In less than five minutes you can have a very complete sandwich just by lowering the upper ring and waiting the necessary time that is indicated by light indicators.


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