The advantages of offering breakfast at the hotel

Many companies are surprised to discover the impact breakfast has on your hotel. It may seem like something insignificant and that does not have a great final weight in the property. However, it is a profit center and also positively impacts brand image, search engine visibility and increased turnover. Therefore, it is worth studying how can you take advantage of it.

This is what Massimiliano Terzulli has assured in eHotelier, where he has explained that it is not just about food. In fact, food is the least important. The key factor is the positive association guests make when they have a good breakfast experience. Also, as it is one of the last impressions they receive from the accommodation, it is one of the final memories that it leaves with them.

In fact, their research shows that most bleisure travelers stay at least two nights. Based on this, they are more likely to leave a review about their stay if they liked the breakfast options. For this reason, guests who only stay one night and do not take advantage of this service, do not usually leave as many reviews. This point is important, because comments increase the reputation and visibility of the establishment.

Travelers want breakfast

One of the main search filters in OTAs is to check the “breakfast included” option. Moreover, a TripAdvisor survey ensures that 91% of guests prefer to have breakfast at the hotel. Another 83% said they consider breakfast to be a prerequisite for a positive hotel experience. In addition, 65% said that this service conditions their reservation, as it is a decisive factor.

In Google the algorithm also highlights the positive reviews that mention breakfast in a tab. Therefore, including it is a good way to position a property, especially if it generates good reviews. A quick glance at the reviews of any establishment shows that the word “breakfast” is frequently mentioned. Therefore, if this option is available, it must appear highly visible in the different booking channels, including the hotel’s own website.

Most hoteliers want to increase their property’s reputation and visibility to improve profitability. Normally, revenue is very focused on maximizing revenue per room. However, it seems clear that the hotel breakfast can increase guest satisfaction quickly. On top of that, it does not have to be too expensive, especially if we understand that it is more of an investment than an expense.

Minor changes to improve visibility

Now that the Internet is a part of our daily lives, each hotel is subject to the whims of its guests. Negative reviews require a thoughtful and swift response. On top of that, while it’s natural to have an unhappy guest from time to time, you have to Be careful that the bad comments do not outweigh the positive ones..

Above all, because travelers look at them when deciding whether to make a reservation. What’s more, 95% read the comments while they are thinking about what to do. Therefore, although aspects such as price, location and appearance matter, we must not lose sight of the fact that good scores will attract customers. To do this, they must combine quantity and quality.

One way to achieve this is to prioritize the sale of rooms with breakfast included in bleisure trips, as they are the ones that will value this aspect the most. That is, there is more likely to leave a helpful review to boost accommodation. This small change can make big improvements. Hence, even the smallest hotels without the capacity to serve breakfast can think of alternatives such as collaborating with nearby businesses, in order to take advantage of the visibility advantage that this has in the OTA filters.

Ultimately, a positive breakfast experience can make travelers feel satisfied and happy. If they comment on it in a review, they will increase the visibility of the accommodation. In this way, occupancy can be increased even in low season. Also visibility, which feeds the ADR of the accommodation and impacts the conversion rate in high season. Therefore, it seems that we cannot deny that, in the end, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.

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