The 30 Best New Restaurants in Europe 2022 according to Opinionated About Dining

Eight Spanish restaurants they position themselves in the european ranking

The Opinionated About Dining (OAD) ranking has just announced the list of the ’30 Best New European Restaurants’ of 2022based on reviews submitted by some of the world’s most experienced diners, after publishing the ‘150 Best Casual Restaurants in Europe’ headed for the second consecutive year by the Elkano restaurant.

This relationshipprelude to the list of the best European restaurants, chooses as ‘Best New Restaurant’ this year to Since 1911, in Madrid, the latest project of the Grupo Pescaderías Coruñesas. At the helm, chef Diego Murciego, who applies a combination of Spanish, French, Nordic and Japanese techniques, creating an elegant culinary experience and paying homage to seafood.

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In the number two position is the modern grill Smoked Roomlocated in the Hyatt Regency Hotel (Madrid), with the signature of chef Dani García. In third position is the Belgian Hertog Jan at Botanic, at the Botanic Sanctuary hotel (Antwerp), run by chef Gert De Mangeleer and with Joachim Boudens in the room. The cuisine is based on temporality with a unique and surprising menu at each gastronomic evening.

Another six Spanish establishments are included in the ranking. A Deessachef Quique Dacosta’s space at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz Hotel (Madrid), which is located in position 12, is followed by Kaleja (Malaga), by Dani Carnero, L’Horta Restaurant (Castellon), bisavis (Barcelona), the orchard (Ribadesella) and Tohqa (El Puerto de Santa María), which occupy positions 16, 17, 18, 21 and 26 on the list, respectively.

Austria, Italy, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland or Germany are some of the countries with culinary representation in the European ranking.

List of the ’30 Best New European Restaurants’ 2022

  1. Since 1911 / Chef Diego Murciego (Madrid, Spain)
  2. Smoked Room / Chef Massimiliano Delle Vedove (Madrid, Spain)
  3. Hertog Jan Botanic / Chef Gert De Mangeleer (Antwerp, Belgium)
  4. Koan / Chef Kristian Baumann (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  5. Etz Restaurant / Chef Felix Schneider (Nuremberg, Germany)
  6. Ett Hem (Stockholm, Sweden)
  7. Jatak / Chef Jonathan Tam (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  8. Esmee / Chef Andreas Bagh (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  9. Rest / Chef Jimmy Øien (Oslo, Norway)
  10. Zia / Chef Antonio Ziantoni (Rome, Italy)
  11. Casa Maria Luigia / Chef Jessica Rosval (Modena, Italy)
  12. Deessa / Chef Ricard Tobella (Madrid, Spain)
  13. The Angel At Hetton / Chef Michael Wignall (Skipton, UK)
  14. Tohru in der Schreiberei / Chef Tohru Nakamura (Munich, Germany)
  15. KOL / Chef Santiago Lastra (London, UK)
  16. Kaleja / Chef Dani Carnero (Malaga, Spain)
  17. L’Horta Restaurant Tavertet / Chef Jordi Coromina (Tavertet, Spain)
  18. Bisavis / Chef Eduard Ros (Barcelona, ​​Spain)
  19. Le Pristine / Chef Sergio Herman (Antwerp, Belgium)
  20. Sola / Chef Victor Garvey (London, UK)
  21. La Huertona / Chef José Manuel (Ribadesella, Spain)
  22. Bentoteca Milano / Chef Yoji Tokuyoshi (Milan, Italy)
  23. Mana / Chef Simon Martin (Manchester, UK)
  24. Contaminazioni / Chef Giuseppe Molaro (Somma Vesuviana, Italy)
  25. SanBrite / Chef Riccardo Gaspari (Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy)
  26. Tohqa / Chef Eduardo Pérez (El Puerto de Santa María, Spain)
  27. Il Ristorante – Niko Romito / Chef Claudio Catino (Milan, Italy)
  28. Klösterle / Chef Jakob Zeller & Ethel Hoon (Lech, Austria)
  29. Aira / Chef Tommy Myllymäki (Stockholm, Sweden)
  30. Dalla Gioconda / Chef Davide Di Fabio (Gabicce Monte, Italy)


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