Tension in MasterChef Junior! Alan accuses Leah of “threatening” to damage her plate heading into the semifinal

Nervousness and stress became one of the main ingredients of “Junior MasterChef” this Sunday, May 22, as one of the invited former participants made a comment that put risk the permanence of Alan in full challenge to choose the semifinalists.

This Sunday the judges chose the semifinalists and, therefore, the little chefs gave their best with their dishes in order to earn a place on the balcony; however, one of the dynamics caused great tension in the kitchen unleashing the annoyance of the chefs and Alan.

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The challenge was to make pairs with the guests to make a Mexican dish Y Although the decision was a source of happiness for some others, they did not hesitate to express their discontent. This was the case for Leah, who made an unfortunate comment that earned her a scolding from the judges when she was accused by Alan.

Leah threw out a comment that earned her a scolding from the chefs. Photo: Twitter @MasterChefMx

Leah pointed out that I would put more salt on the plate of his former partner to favor Naty and Carlos in the competition because he wanted one of them to be named semifinalist, Although the latter was selected by the chefs, Leah was in evidence and did not avoid breaking into tears.

Chef Betty scolds Zoe

Leah tried to justify her unfortunate comment by assuring that it was a “joke“, However the chef Franco Noriega stressed the importance of teamwork and honesty between colleagues, because Alan continued in the competition and his permanence depended on the performance of both.

The little girl broke down in tears due to the scolding of the judges and assured that she did not want to harm any of her classmates, therefore Zoé did not hesitate to comfort her telling her “not to worry” though this earned her a wake-up call from chef Betty Vazquez.

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I take things very seriously. Life is going to teach you that things are taken very seriously, Zoé,” chef Betty told the former participant after she told her partner “not to worry” about having made a comment that could leave her out. competition to Alan.


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