Temporary ban on shrimp in Mexico: What alternatives are there for recipes at Easter?

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The Government of Mexico established the beginning of the temporary ban for all species of shrimp in waters of the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California.

The measure, which seeks, among other things, to protect the marine species and promote its sustainable reproduction, does not mean that it will no longer be in points of sale, especially as Easter Week approaches.

What is done is a call to fishermen to respect dates and restriction zones to favor the development of the sector, as well as to the productive chain of the industry to remain united in the face of such actions.

For this reason, it is possible that shrimp can be found in points of sale, only that sometimes it may not be fresh or it is not known if its origin respects the ban; there are also cases in which it becomes more difficult or expensive to obtain.

Due to Lent, there are consumers who wonder what other alternatives can be found in the market before the shrimp fishing ban.

Given this, Renata Terrazas, executive director of Oceana Mexiconoted in an interview for Formula Group which is a good opportunity to explore and try other marine species for consumption.

“In Mexico there are more than 700 different species that we fish in our seas for human consumption,” he said.

Alternatives and recipe options for Easter due to the shrimp ban

The director of Oceana Mexico explained that in the country it is common for shrimp to be found a la diabla, in aguachile, ceviche or grilled, for example.

for what there is fish and others crustaceans that can be used in recipes such as crab, crab or mollusks as you like

He also recommended exploring in markets or points of sale what options of seafood and fish they have, in addition to the more traditional ones that are known, such as tuna.

“There is always some very tasty fish or shellfish to substitute when you can’t find another product,” said Renata Terrazas.

This way you can learn about other options that are or will be in the coming weeks in the fishing season and use them in recipes, such as:

  • Sierra, which he recommended for ceviche
  • Hake, whose flavor lends itself to being a substitute for cod
  • Corvina, a product that he said, has a lot of meat and is consumed in Lent

There are also other options that can be consumed, but are more difficult to obtain or more expensive, such as squid and lobster.

Thus, given this variety of options, you can prepare, for example,

  • Sierra ceviche (with or without toast)
  • Fish aguachile (with or without toast)
  • Rice With Octopus
  • Stuffed squid
  • deviled fish
  • Grilled clam skewer
  • Grilled fish fillet
  • Marinated fish tostadas or tacos
  • Octopus in garlic

There are people who, due to health reasons such as allergies, do not eat shrimp and choose other options such as fish and other shellfish; They even alternate with chicken this Lent to avoid eating red meat as some of the faithful do at this time.

Finally, there are restaurants or vegan recipes that substitute shrimp for other options that do not include meat, even during Lent, for example, cauliflower skewers, tofu tacos or mushroom cocktail.