Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Criticized For Making ‘Disgusting Breakfast Sandwich’ With Tons Of Mayonnaise And Cheese

Fans criticized JENELLE Evans for smothering her breakfast sandwich with mayonnaise.

Fans were surprised by the food choice, as the Teen Mom 2 star has been open about suffering from recent health issues.


She covered the bread with mayonnaise


But that hasn’t stopped Jenelle, 30, from sharing her carb-laden breakfast creations on TikTok.

The reality star took to the platform on Monday to post her new “addiction,” a sandwich consisting of eggs, bacon, cheese and mayonnaise.

“I’ve been addicted to this sandwich lately, so let me show you,” she told the camera as she filmed her kitchen counter.

Jenelle surprised herself by pulling out a package of English muffins, sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, and eggs before pulling out a skillet to begin cooking.

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“Why is it that when you cook at home things taste so much better?” she asked the fans.

“I cooked my bacon, I messed up my eggs, but that’s okay,” he said while filming his creations.

“I did David’s perfectly. Add a cover so his eggs are super soft,” he explained.

Jenelle continued, “Toast some English muffins or whatever bread you want and add a little mayonnaise.”

“Cheddar cheese, lots of bacon and eggs,” the TV personality added as she finished off the sandwich.

Listen, I know this sandwich is super simple and you’ve probably made it before, but look at that! It’s a real breakfast sandwich,” she gushed.

The mother-of-three then filmed herself taking a big bite of the plate while her husband David could be seen enjoying his in the background.

“So big you can’t even bite into it. He approves!” he added as the controversial father nodded in the background.


But fans weren’t pleased with the video, as many took to Reddit to blast Jenelle in the comments as “unhealthy.”

“Here Janelle shows us how she made that disgusting sandwich,” one wrote as they re-shared the clip.

“4 eggs and a half pack of bacon in one sandwich?” a second asked in shock.

“Keep shoving that crap down your throat, Jenelle, while you complain about your health and your esophagus and that you have no idea why you don’t feel well.

“Buy a fucking track, Jenelle,” a third commented, pointing to her recent health issues.

Another mentioned: “She looks super proud of her mc egg muffin with bacon. It’s not that complicated and a heart attack on a plate.”

“I’m a fan, except for the mayonnaise. That’s weird,” said one.

“An artery-clogging cholesterol sandwich is exactly what the doctor ordered with all your ailments. And she’s addicted to them!!” a final rant.


Jenelle’s controversial breakfast choice followed her vocal complaints about her health issues on social media.

After sharing a recent video about getting a haircut, a concerned fan took to the comments to say that the MTV alum appears to be losing hair, writing, “What happened to his hairline? Why does it look like you’re going bald?

Jenelle replied, “Because I’m having hair loss and I don’t know why.”

Late last month, the podcast host took to TikTok to share a video revealing that she was recently hospitalized.

The clip began with the Teen Mom 2 star crying and gasping for breath as on-screen text described some of her symptoms, including chest pain and shortness of breath after waking up.

She explained that she tried to relax and rest more, although she was hospitalized only a few days later.

The on-screen text then explained that Jenelle had “two antibodies related to myasthenia gravis that showed up in blood tests.”

The video prompted some fans to share their shared thoughts on why the young mother might have health issues.

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One person wrote: “I’m not trying to be rude but sometimes weight gain does this. It happened to a friend.”

Jenelle gave another update replying to the fan, writing, “I can barely walk 5 feet without my legs burning like I’m doing squats but I’ve been trying to walk my dirt lately.”

Jenelle opened up about her 'hair loss'


She was recently 'hospitalized'


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