Taqueria Catra-MEX Food Truck inaugurated in Pensacola with Honduran food

Pensacola chef Edgar Peralta set off with his new Fusion Food Truck to prove that Honduran and Mexican cuisine are the right mix. Taqueria Catra-MEX4306 North Davis Highway.

Although the food truck is only two months old, Peralta has been cooking up authentic dishes from his Mexican origins for years in Pensacola restaurants. When she teamed up with Louis Parachico, a native of Honduras, the two were able to expose Pensacolans to new flavors and experiences through their mobile restaurants.

Peralta said that Parachico worked as a cook in Honduras and approached him four years ago for a job in the United States.

“I told him, ‘Okay, but you have to work really hard to do this in this country,'” Peralta recalled telling Parachiko.

Louis Parachico presents a mix of Honduran-Mexican cuisine from the Tacveria Catra-MEX food truck on the North Davis Highway on March 9.

Although the foods fit very well in flavor, there are subtle differences that characterize the areas of the plate. For example, parachute dishes are accompanied by plantains, while dishes reflecting the pearl culture are often served with rice.

Fried mozzarella or fried whole tilapia with rice, beans, salad and valentina sauce is something that seems unusual at first. The $13.99 dish can also be ordered “Honduran style,” which substitutes plantains for the rice.