Taquera sauce with avocado: add flavor to your food with this recipe

Mexico is a country with a quite diverse gastronomy, there are different cymbals and in many of them salsa predominates, because Mexican food is not understood in the same way without Chilesince it is a fundamental element, which is almost at the same level as the cornbecause we can find it in a lot of preparations like stews, soups And till desserts, because we love it and everything is better with spice in our mouths.

Precisely because we Mexicans do not understand each other in the same way without chili, there are a lot of varieties of sauces coming from many ways to treat the different types of spicy that are in Mexico, Well, let’s remember that depending on the area where these chilies grow, unique recipes will emerge to make that little sauce that we like so much in our snacks or tacos. That’s why there are probably more than 20 different types of sauces.