Taquea Pe, this is the new ‘point’ in Jesús María that combines Mexican and Peruvian cuisine | Tacos | Nachos | ADVANTAGE

The cuisines of the world, although varied, can share a passion for common ingredients. For example, Peruvian and Mexican cuisines share a love for corn, chocolate, and chili peppers, to name a few. After working in a Nikkei restaurant, Geraldo Vílchez saw this connection between both cuisines and decided to venture to combine them in an interesting proposal. This is how Taquea Pe was born, a restaurant that recently opened a space in Jesús María and that Advantage recently visited.

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This venture was born during a pandemic, when Vílchez met again with Rodrigo Romero, his former classmate and current partner. Together they decided to start this adventure under the format of dark kitchen, where they explore the possibilities of Mexican cuisine with local flavors and ingredients. “We try to find new flavors, rich and attractive products and create a menu with dishes that are interesting, but that manage to capture the Peruvian public,” explains Geraldo.

Crispy pork bbq tacos. / JUAN PONCE VALENZUELA

We were investigating, finding out and giving us surprises about this other gastronomy. Our Mexican provider treated us to typical dishes from her cuisine and we even enjoyed micheladas. Little by little we got to know more things that have made our menu better and more complete”, adds Romero.

His menu has been a complete success among diners and thanks to his presence on social networks such as tik tok and Instagram more people have been getting to know the offer of Taquea Pe. “It is curious because many people come looking for what are known as tacos or enchiladas here. They are made with large flour tortillas, French fries, sauces, among other things. And when they try our products they realize that we are an interesting midpoint: We take Mexican recipes or formats and adapt them to our very own flavors and combinations.”, mentions Rodrigo.

At Taquea Pe, they take advantage of local ingredients and flavors and combine them with Mexican recipes.
At Taquea Pe, they take advantage of local ingredients and flavors and combine them with Mexican recipes. / JUAN PONCE VALENZUELA

An explosion of flavors

The menu has an interesting dynamic that resembles Mexican cuisine: they have 8 flavors that can be enjoyed presented in different ways. They have tacos served in simple corn tortillas or in their crispy version. We tried the latter with a filling of pig panka bbq, which had smoked pork with a sauce with sweet and delicious touches. The texture was perfect thanks to the dough and the touch of the sauces with which it is served was fresh and perfect.

Another of the dishes that we recommend are the Amazon-inspired nachos. On a bed of well-fried corn tortillas, a delicious combination of regional cecina, fried plantain, onion, coriander and gratin cheese is served. Every bite is delicious and we didn’t expect the mixture of flavors to be so addictive.

Nachos The Amazonian
Nachos The Amazonian / JUAN PONCE VALENZUELA

The dish that made us fall in love completely was the panka birria quesadillas. These are well-browned corn tortillas, stuffed with panka birria -a delicious preparation of meat cooked with Peruvian peppers- and melted Oaxaca cheese. The best? They are served with a generous dollop of birria panka juice to soak each bite with even more flavor. The softness of the cheese with the forcefulness of the meat and the crispy touch of the golden tortilla make a perfect symphony.

Other formats you can enjoy are enchiladas, which pay homage to the most Peruvian version of this dish, with wheat tortillas, native thread potatoes and guacamole; the burritos, which also include refried beans; Y salchimexwhich are a delicious version of our classic sausage with hot dog and accompanied by nachos and other toppings.

Panka birria quesadillas.
Panka birria quesadillas. / JUAN PONCE VALENZUELA

As for flavors, we can also find versions such as: stalked, which includes crispy prawns, avocado, acevichada sauce, onion and chopped coriander; that of beer roast, with pieces of grilled meat in a sauce based on beer and yellow pepper; that of charcoal pig, with smoked pork, crispy sweet potato and onion; and of tenderloin with juicewith pieces of loin wok in its juice.


  • Taquea Pe It has a store located at 1136 General Garzón Avenue, Jesus Maria. Hours of operation on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays are from 1 pm to 4:30 pm and from 6 pm to 10 pm On the other hand, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays they are open from 1 pm to 4:30 pm and from 6 pm to 11 pm You can enjoy part of your menu via delivery, through applications such as Rappi or OrdensYa. Learn more about his proposal in the account of Instagram @taquea.pe.